Evercore Heroes is a PvE MOBA made by ex-LoL developer’s new studio

Vela Games - a studio launched by veteran League of Legends and EA devs - fully reveals its genre-mashing first game, Evercore Heroes

Evercore Heroes MOBA MMO: A hero wielding blue swords kneels atop some icy rock

Initially revealed with its codename Project-V, Dublin-based Vela Games has just announced that its genre-mashing first game is called Evercore Heroes. The studio, which was formed in 2017, features veterans from Riot Games and Evercore Heroes takes their knowledge of supporting a successful MOBA like League of Legends but gives it a “unique” twist.

Evercore Heroes will be a PvE multiplayer co-op game that takes the core elements of MOBAs and drops them into MMO-style dungeon runs. Four teams of four players will compose a team of heroes, power them up throughout the match, and then take on a “dangerous boss” as the end game.

Eight of the game’s characters have also been revealed, which include healer Lotus, speedy utility hero Remy, and “master assassin” Shade. Evercore Heroes’ first trailer is also now out in the wild and can be viewed below.

“With Evercore Heroes, we are building a unique multiplayer experience that brings together skill-based co-op and competitive play in a fresh new way,” says Vela Games CEO Travis George. “After over two years of great feedback from early testing, we’re ecstatic to finally share the game with the world.”

To coincide with the full reveal of Evercore Heroes, a weekend of public playtests is just around the corner as well. Via either the game’s Discord server or Vela Games’ website, players can apply to take part in a playtest that will run from October 13-16.

You can get a taste of the gameplay and a look at some Evercore Heroes screenshots in this preview from IGN.

While there are plenty of former Riot developers at Vela Games, the studio also boasts talent that has worked at EA, Blizzard, and Epic Games.

A release date or window for Evercore Heroes has not been announced.