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Escape From Tarkov scavs’ reign of terror appears to be over

EFT content creators and players are reporting that an Escape From Tarkov scav nerf has been quietly pushed out by developer Battlestate Games

Escape From Tarkov scav nerf: A soldier in grey military gear aims an assault rifle

Ever since the recent Escape From Tarkov wipe, players have noticed one glaring difference – scavs appear to have undergone some intense military training. After terrorising players for several days, it appears that EFT’s scavs have received a much-needed nerf.

With players being gunned down in record speed by Tarkov’s AI combatants, often without time to even shoot back, it’s clear that Battlestate Games cranked up the Difficulty-O-Meter a little too high. While not confirmed by the developer, content creators and players are reporting that scavs have finally been nerfed in a sneaky update.

The news was first suggested by Escape From Tarkov streamer ‘Pestily’, who hinted //extremely subtly// that a nerf had been rolled out. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to say [this] publicly, but scavs shouldn’t be as hard any more.”

As player testimony has continues to roll in on social media, seemingly supporting the notion that scavs have been nerfed, more concrete evidence has been shown by ‘LogicalSolutions’, a moderator for ‘LVNDMARK’ and a Tarkov community member that creates tools such as a website that tracks smaller updates and hotfixes.

They believe the change affects the spread of scavs’ weapons. For ground scavs, LogicalSolutions says they’ve been nerfed by 15% and for sniper scavs, it’s 28%.

With the scavs’ reign of terror potentially over, fans of another popular shooter will be hoping that a nerf to AI enemies will be arriving soon. There have been plenty of complaints about the proficiency of Warzone 2’s AI soldiers that protect Stronghold locations, which seem to have attended the same rigorous training as the scavs here.