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Escape From Tarkov update might include a lighting rework

Battlestate Games might be teasing a Unity 2020 upgrade which will improve the lighting on various maps like Interchange, Reserve, and Factory

Escape From Tarkov lighting rework: Three players scope out a warehouse on reserve

Tracking players is a vital part of Escape From Tarkov, especially as you weigh up whether to take your shot or not. However, tracking players – and working out whether they have any buddies backing them up – is made even more difficult by the shadowy realms that lurk on the many Escape From Tarkov maps. Fortunately, it looks like Battlestate Games is looking to tackle that.

Posted on Twitter, Battlestate has shared four screenshots – two of Interchange, one of Reserve, and one of Factory – all with what looks like new lighting, and it’s got fans excited particularly as it sounds like a Unity 2020 upgrade.

Interchange’s mall has been a problem for years, even when you play daytime raids. The long shopping centre corridors and shops are bathed in darkness and it’s quite easy to walk past enemies lurking in the shadows. Reserve and Factory are dark too, but they’re no where near as bad as the IDEA mall.

As you can see from the screenshots, this lighting rework is going to make Interchange brighter. The floodlights and spotlights do a great job of illuminating dark areas, bathing extra areas in almost a foggy glow, which should make close-quarters combat interesting. The Reserve screenshot also seems to suggest squads will be able to get a better view of warehouses and buildings too.

Of course, Battlestate hasn’t actually said anything to confirm or deny a lighting rework, but the developer often posts screenshots of upcoming updates on social media.

And so far the reaction is good, but many are concerned an update like this will take a toll on the game’s performance. Many are still struggling to run Lighthouse – the latest map to be added to the game – so the developer will need to be careful on how it handles the update.