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Elden Ring player hides in bush to thwart AFK Rune farmer

After four frustrating invasions, an Elden Ring player has revealed they hid in a bush for three hours to try and get revenge on a player who farmed his Runes

Elden Ring Player Bush Prevent Rune Farmer: The Vagabond character can be seen, alongside an image of a bush from the game.

Elden Ring has been home to all kinds of wacky and mind-blowing acts, whether it be sub-nine-minute speed runs or funny glitches and exploits being used by players on one another. However, one of the best we have seen comes from Reddit and involves a player invading an AFK player and stealing Runes off of them.

The person in question is ‘Teasnarker’ on Reddit who ended up getting their own back by hiding in a bush within the AFK player’s game. As Teasnarker explains in their Reddit post, the player in question was AFK farming (which means sitting high up on a cliff where you can’t get to them easily so when players leave they get all their Runes). So, Teasnarker decided to wait for additional hunters to show up in this player’s game and actually run away from the AFK player.

While the other hunters were bothered with trying to kill the AFK player, Teasnarker went to a bush and used the Mimic’s Veil to masquerade as another piece of flora. In doing so, the bushes blended in with them and Teasnarker spent more than three hours there after the other hunters had given up and disconnected from the game. But wait, the story gets better!

When groups of hunters joined and eventually left because of the AFK player, Teasnarker actually got a chunk of Runes instead of the person sat up on a cliff. So, as Teasnarker spent more than three hours in and as a bush they stockpiled Runes from the AFK player instead of them all being handed over to them.

However, at some point, either the AFK player or Teasnarker would have to leave the game or get disconnected themselves for inactivity. As for who won that battle, Teasnarker or the AFK player, Teasnarker doesn’t make it clear in an update to the post.

“Yes, of course I am. I live here now. I will never leave,” says Teasnarker.

So, if you do have the time to waste away running an AFK farmer’s day, hiding in a bush seems to be the best possible choice to keep the Elden Ring multiplayer community healthy and thriving.