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Dying Light 2 easter egg suggests space chickens wanted to wipe out humanity

A Dying Light 2 easter egg hints that humanity would have been doomed in Dying Light's universe even if the epidemic didn't break out

Brunek, the alien chicken can be seen in his cage.

Human extinctions in games start out for all sorts of reasons – mutating viruses, nuclear wars, even AI and human machinery devastating the planet. But have we ever seen the human race wiped out by a race of alien roosters? Well, Dying Light 2 has a rather bizarre easter egg that suggests a poultry-led apocalypse nearly occured in its universe.

Tucked away in the Renegades’ stronghold after you have beaten the game’s main campaign, you can find a door on the top floor, which was previously locked. Behind this door you will find a campfire and a cage with a talking chicken inside it. Calling itself Brunek of the New Galactic Federation Landing Force, the rooster tunes in to Aiden’s brain waves so that it can communicate with him telepathically, declaring that the New Galactic Federation’s goal was to “annihilate” humans.

Citing humanity as pests that sealed their own fate by consuming and controlling all of the planet and the resources on it, the New Galactic Federation made the executive decision to “exterminate people to save the Earth”.

As Brunek and his other squadmates came to Earth in 2014, the epidemic that caused the Infection had already broken out in Harran (the city the original Dying Light was set in), and instead of wiping out humans themselves they decided to sit back and watch the Infection take hold. But, Brunek ended up getting captured and has been sitting in his cage in Villedor, for 15 years.

After clearing the stronghold of Renegades, Aiden is the first new face that the chicken has seen in all that time, and he tasks you with helping him find the way back to his homeworld. This opens up a short side quest, expertly called Space Cock.

We won’t give the entire plot of it away, but this is by far the most barmy side quest in Dying Light 2. It is actually pretty well hidden, as well. You have no reason to ever go back to the Renegades’ stronghold after beating the game, but Brunek does promise a reward for helping him back to his homeworld.

While zombies and having to constantly battle an Infection might be bad, at least parts of humanity survived and we didn’t feel the feathered force of an entire galactic group of chickens. No one would want that.