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Dota 2’s Overwatch system is in the works

The new system looks to mimic much of CS:GO's own player tribunal

Red and silver Doom in Dota 2

Dota 2 developer Valve appears to be making headway in its development of an ‘Overwatch’ player tribunal system akin to that in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The system will allow players to pass judgement on their toxic peers based on a review of game footage.

Screenshots of the system – which was first announced back in October – have been uploaded to Twitter by Team Secret’s Matthew ‘Cyborgmatt’ Bailey. Naturally, these most likely won’t represent the final system as it is very much in development, but we can see a prompt to review a case given in the social menu. Cases will only be offered to “qualified and experienced members of the community,” according to the screenshots, mimicking the requirements for CS:GO’s own Overwatch system.

Reviewers will then be tasked with combing through the review footage until they are happy with their decision. From there, they can deem the accused ‘guilty’, ‘not guilty’, or even pass the case based on insufficient evidence. Unlike the four categories of charges found in CS:GO’s system, it appears Dota 2’s will focus on ‘cheating, hacking and scripting’ as well as ‘griefing or abusive behaviour’.

You can take a peek at the upcoming system below.

The response to Cyborgmatt’s post has been overwhelmingly positive, with community members ready and willing to do their bit to clear out toxicity from the playerbase. It is currently unknown if there will be some form of reward for reviewing cases. CS:GO offers XP in return for each accurate verdict, so we may see some form of remuneration added as the system develops.