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New Diablo 4 trailer gives us a look at the Necromancer class

A new Diablo 4 trailer has dropped during the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, and it's given us alook at the Necromancer class

Diablo 4 Necromancer Class Trailer: The Necromancer can be seen

Following the Diablo 4 beta sign-up page going live last night, Activision Blizzard has finally given us a brand new trailer for the upcoming dungeon crawler at the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. The Diablo 4 release date still isn’t in sight, but at least we now have shiny new trailer to ogle at.

The new trailer focuses solely on the Necromancer class which is newly announced for the game and is mostly cinematic scenes. The Necromancer will be the final class for the game alongside the Rogue, Druid, Sorceress, and Barbarian.

We also get a first look at Xbox Series X|S gameplay and an overview of the game world, including confirmation of almost 150 dungeons to explore in the game. New activities like Strongholds, world bosses, the endgame, PvP, couch co-op, and the multiplayer on offer in the sequel are showcased as well as gameplay of the newly revealed Necromancer Class.

The last time we were given a peek at Diablo 4 was at BlizzConline 2021 last February. Not only did Activision Blizzard drop an announcement trailer for the Rogue class, but we also got an extended glimpse into what the development team would be working on next.

You can check out the Necromancer cinematic and the Xbox Series X|S trailer:

With this latest trailer, fans will be more eager than ever for that release date to finally be confirmed. However, the fact that we’re shuttling towards beta seems to indicate that it won’t be long before we’ll know for sure when we’ll be returning to Sanctuary.