Destiny 2’s game director says Witch Queen weapon drop changes are coming

We've had a week of The Witch Queen and now Bungie is gearing up to make it's first set of changes following the release of the major expansion

Destiny 2 Witch Queen Week One Changes: Two images, one of a Void Subclass Hunter and the other of two Guardians geared up for battle.

The Witch Queen expansion is here and Destiny 2 players everywhere have been jumping into Bungie’s looter shooter with weapons raised. It’s safe to say that there are a lot of happy Guardians out there playing through all the new content on offer, but Bungie’s Destiny 2 game director, Joe Blackburn, has revealed that there is still work to be done. Taking to Twitter, he has offered fans an update on all the changes Bungie is looking to make in its next set of Destiny 2 updates.

One new feature that’s going to be tweaked is Destiny 2’s weapon crafting mechanic. Blackburn says that Bungie is “still monitoring the time commitment for unlocking and upgrading crafted weapons”, but the team is aware that the low drop rates and harsh unlock requirements currently in place are going to stop a lot of players from getting their hands on god roll weapons and some of the new Destiny 2 Witch Queen Exotics.

Looking to remedy this, Bungie is aiming to release a patch next week that will increase the drop rate of weapons from the Throne World’s Wellspring, adding bad luck protection for players getting both a standard weapon and the Deepsight resonate version of a weapon.

In addition to this, Blackburn has shared that a smaller patch – which Bungie is aiming to release on March 3 – will address the unpredictability of Ascendant Alloy drops from high-level activities.

Following this patch, players should expect to have a better chance of getting an Ascendant Alloy – the drop rate is going to increase based on the difficulty tier they’re tackling and the activity completion level itself. According to Blackburn, this is going to make the biggest impact on players gunning for Gold and Platinum completions. If you want to get the most out of your crafted weapons, this is going to be an important change.

Bungie is also monitoring several “gameplay sandbox elements” ahead of the release of the Witch Queen Raid and the World First race that will inevitably follow. Blackburn highlights Synthoceps and the Suppressing Glaive mod as two areas that need work, but hasn’t detailed how the team are planning to make changes just yet.

He also revealed that the development team “aren’t super happy with how unpredictable it can be to complete the Report: Relix Data” objective in the Evidence Board questline. Blackburn didn’t offer up any details on how Bungie is planning to address this, but if you’re having trouble, it’s going to be worth keeping an eye on the next This Week At Bungie (TWAB) post for more information.