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Bungie promises fix for missing Artifice Armor slot in Destiny 2

Guardians have been missing an Artifice Armor mods socket slot for months now, but Bungie has confirmed that a fix is coming for Destiny 2 players in the future

Destiny 2 missing Artifice Armor slot: an image of a spiky armour on a blurred background

Described as the “Indiana Jones of bugs”, for some reason, by Bungie’s TWAB author ‘Hippy’, Destiny 2 players have been dealing with an unusual bug that removes an Armor Mods slot from Artifice Armor for a little while now – well, some of them have, anyway. Initially fixed for players who hadn’t logged into the current Season in a hotfix update on June 7, Bungie has now provided another update on the situation for Destiny 2 Guardians still finding themselves missing an Artifice Armor slot in-game.

” With each new Season comes new gear and with that, certain aspects of the game are moved, improved, or downright removed for new features,” Hippy begins. ” Usually, this process is straightforward, but when the Grasp of Avarice armor came underneath the spotlight, we found that under certain circumstances, some armor pieces would lose their Artifice sockets.”

In an effort to explain why this has happened, Hippy continues by explaining that when a new Season causes artifact mods to be stripped from an armour’s socket, the socket attempts to resolve itself (because it’s empty and has nothing to replace it) in a way that essentially causes it to become hidden.

Where does Indiana Jones come into all of this? Well, Bungie’s Ryan Hammond has used “Indiana Jones swapping out the gold idol for the bag of sand” as a metaphor for how older Seasonal mods are swapped with empty mods for a new season. It’s just that “in this instance, some of the bags of sandf we used were not quite right.”

So, what does this mean if you’re still suffering from a missing Artifice Armor mods slot in Destiny 2? It means that Bungie is well aware that the issue is affecting players and it means that Bungie is working on fixing it.

Bungie is planning to do this by using a “script to comb through all characters on all accounts to reinitialise specific components that make up these particular armour items, thus restoring all those lost sockets.” This is taking some time, but take comfort in knowing that eventually, Guardians, you will have all your Artifice Armor sockets and slots again.

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