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Destiny 2 fans pay tribute to Commander Zavala actor Lance Reddick

Following the passing of John Wick star and Commander Zavala voice actor Lance Reddick, Destiny 2 fans are banding together to pay tribute to the late actor.

Lance Reddick as Commander Zavala in Destiny 2.

Horizon Forbidden West voice actor and John Wick franchise star Lance Reddick has passed away aged 60. The loss of the Quantum Break cast member comes as a shock to legions of Destiny 2 fans, as Reddick provided his vocal talents to the role of fan favourite character Commander Zavala. Now, Destiny 2 players are uniting around the world to show their admiration for Reddick, in the form of loving gestures and tributes in-game.

Players are meeting together at the Tower at Commander Zavala’s spot that overlooks the vast city, kneeling before him and sharing a moment of silence. Masses of guardians are showing their appreciation for Reddick’s career in other ways too, by using emotes to convey hugs and supportive gestures as a symbol of respect. As seen below in a post from Destiny 2 Redditor ‘STG-Remix’, guardians around the galaxy are carving out the time to remember Reddick’s contributions to the game.

Elsewhere, IGN journalist ‘saniyaga‘ notes that other fans of The Wire actor are using symbolic emotes in the form of animals and other creatures from the game, as they share a small instance of time to overlook the Last City. “Players at the Tower sitting with Zavala, some people are giving emote hugs, this is just so sad,” saniyaga adds.

Our tower paying respects from destiny2

For those unaware of Commander Zavala, the Titan Vanguard is known for granting access to armour and emblems within the Tower. Specifically, Reddick’s character can dish out valuable Titan items, no matter what class you are in-game. Though, you’ll need to be a Titan to wield them. Within Destiny 2 lore, Commander Zavala was an integral part of winning the Taken War and Red War, before showing reluctance to subject guardians to skirmishes outside of the Last City.

Aside from appearing in the Bungie-developed multiplayer shooter, Reddick is a beloved addition to the John Wick movies, in which Reddick plays The Continental Hotel’s concierge, Charon. Reddick also forged a path in television, with iconic roles in The Wire and Oz respectively.

The late actor will posthumously appear in the John Wick spin-off, Ballerina, set to release later this year.