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This is your last chance to get these Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons

With a new Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons rotation imminent as we head into Season 23, Season of the Wish, don't miss out on these glorious guns.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons rotation Season 23: an arachnid-looking Guardian with a green and purple armor set

The wolves are soon to rest in Destiny 2, as yet another edition of Iron Banner is coming to an end. As the final one of the Season of the Witch, this is also the last opportunity to get god rolls on some great Destiny 2 Iron Banner weapons for both PvE and PvP before they’re lost to the stars (for next season, anyway).

The This Week in Destiny blog post from November 16 offered up a reminder that the Dark Decider and Gunnora’s Axe are soon to be rotated out from the loot pool when the Destiny 2 Season 23 release date finally arrives – and you’ll certainly wish that you’d gotten your engrams in for one last shot at grabbing both for your collection in one of the best FPS games.

Dark Decider is a bit of a beast for PvE, especially if you can roll Dynamic Sway Reduction or Subsistence alongside Voltshot. Its Rapid-Fire Frame gives it a beefy 50-round mag at stock, which makes it the perfect meat grinder when it comes to clearing ads – save the Voltshot proc for those elites. While it’s not the best in PvP, you do get Rangefinder.

Gunnora’s Axe, meanwhile, is a banger in PvP. While the Matador is generally considered the top dog in the shotgun department, don’t sleep on this potent slugger. Boasting an impressive selection of perks, including Accurized Rounds, Threat Detector, Opening Shot, and Voltshot, you can easily max out its range with great handling. Voltshot may have been nerfed earlier this year, but it still performs well in PvE content.

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While we can’t wait to see how Lethal Abundance, the new high-impact Strand Auto Rifle that’s arriving with Season of the Wish, performs across PvE and PvP, the return of Riiswalker to the loot pool has also gotten us feeling some kinda way. Packing a Lightweight Frame, prepare to turn into an absolute goblin as you slide ‘n’ pop Guardians in PvP. For this we’d highly recommend a mixture of Rifled Barrel, Accurized Rounds, Quickdraw, and Iron Reach as the god roll for the Riiswalker – Quickdraw and Iron Reach are must-haves, though you can also have a lot of fun with Slideways.

Tenacious D enjoyers will also be able to pay Tribute in the new Iron Banner mode that is set to arrive with Season of the Wish. While we’ll have to see if it’s the greatest and best addition to the playlist, we can imagine the Supremacy-based mode will make for a hectic experience – ready those shotgun god rolls, Guardian.

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