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Destiny 2 players still frustrated at Classy Restoration in PvP modes

Legendary item mod Classy Restoration might be a minor addition to Destiny 2’s PvP experience, but players are wholly fed up with it’s availability right now

Destiny 2 Classy Restoration PvP complaints: an image of a man wearing orange and white armour

We all know that it’s pretty much impossible to please everyone, something that applies doubly so to any game with competitive online multiplayer, but Bungie is doing its’ best to please everyone with Destiny 2. This looter shooter has something for pretty-much everyone – whether you want narrative-based single-player combat, exciting co-operative PvE action, or intense PvP firefights. However, the contingent of Destiny 2 Guardians who enjoy the PvP action on offer are quite unhappy with Season 17’s legendary item mod Classy Restoration – and they have a point.

“ There has been no small amount of complaints this season about PvP,” begins impassioned Reddit user ‘Shroomski333’, “overshields and healing ‘nades have made fights dramatically extended… But Classy Restoration [and its availability from Season 17] only exacerbated this problem tremendously.”

If you’re wondering why PvP players have an issue with Classy Restoration, you just need to look at what it actually does. Whenever you activate your Solar class abilities with Classy Restoration, it grants you the restoration buff. With the right build, players can mitigate huge amounts of damage with this item mod – essentially, when coupled with the constant use of Solar class abilities in a PvP setting, it’s something of a meta-breaker.

Cementing their point, the aforementioned Redditor expresses that PvP gunfights simply aren’t fun when players are able to heal themselves throughout thanks to Classy Restoration – which is, to their credit, an opinion quite a few players share. They state that “Solar 3.0 is already very strong and fun in PvP and is not in need of Classy [Restoration] to motivate more people to use it.

It’s not just about people using Solar 3.0, though, from what the community is saying. The issue is deeper than that, with many using this as just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to criticism of the unbalanced PvP experience in Destiny 2 and what many players conceive as Bungie’s incompetence to effectively manage a game with so many moving parts.

I’m sorry, but this has to be said: Classy Restoration should never have been allowed in PvP from DestinyTheGame

The debate on whether Classy Restoration needs a nerf, or outright removal, is an interesting one – but not one Bungie is having openly with the fans. Classy Restoration hasn’t been mentioned at all in Bungie’s This Week At Bungie blog posts for months and we’re not sure a change is coming anytime soon. However, we might be wrong – and we hope we are. It’s clear that this is one issue where players are largely united, even if they continue to take advantage of the exploit.

Recently, we’ve seen Bungie promise a fix for a missing Artifice Armor slot in Destiny 2. While not the same, it does show that Bungie is always working to improve the game and ensure players are getting the most out of it. It’s not impossible to think the developer will take action in regards to Classy Restoration’s dominance in the meta.