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How to change campaign difficulty in Destiny 2?

Find out how to change campaign difficulty in Destiny 2 so you can go after the better rewards or bag yourself a Triumph for completing a mission.

Destiny 2 Change Campaign Difficulty: Zavala can be seen

Are you wondering how to change campaign difficulty in Destiny 2? This article will give you the answer and take you through what exactly you need to do in the game’s menu while you are playing through the story to either raise or lower your difficulty.

Thankfully, if you are following the Destiny 2 suggested campaign order, you won’t actually need to worry about difficulty until you reach the new expansions. Specifically, some of the Destiny 2 Lightfall missions are quite a struggle and you may need to drop the difficulty down and raise your power level until you can tackle it again.

How to change campaign difficulty in Destiny 2?

To change the campaign difficulty in Destiny 2, simply choose the mission from the menu or follow onto the next step of the main campaign and switch difficulty before launching the activity. This can be seen in above the green launch button on the mission menu.

It really is as simple as that! You will be treated to a screen when beginning your The Witch Queen or Lightfall campaign asking you which difficulty you want. But, you aren’t locked in, you can change at any point.

That is how to change campaign difficulty in Destiny 2. Whether you are playing for the first time or trying to earn the Destiny 2 Lightfall legendary campaign rewards, there is a lot for you to explore throughout the many expansions of Destiny 2.