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What is the Dead Island 2 menu music?

If the song in the Dead Island 2 menu has been stuck in your head, then look no further as we will satiate your need to know who it is by.

Dead Island 2 Menu Music: Jacob can be seen

As you boot up Dambuster’s latest game, you may listen to the song in the intro cinematic and menu, and ask, what song is this? Well, it is a pretty catchy tune and really reflects the sunny, relaxing atmosphere you would find in LA, before it became a zombie-infested metropolis in Dead Island 2.

Below, you can find out who exactly sang it in Dead Island 2. The game is a perfect podcast or song-listening game, so you can even keep it on repeat as you bash zombies’ heads in and maim them with weapons or your own foot during the Dead Island 2 missions.

What is the Dead Island 2 menu music?

The Dead Island 2 music in the menu is ‘Drown’ by Karen O and Danger Mouse. This song is also in the intro cinematic when you first boot up the game and was released back in 2019 and comes from their ‘Lux Prima’ album.

This song is a haunting, yet perfectly fitting song for Dead Island 2 as you explore the lifeless sandy shores of LA and its surrounding area. You will be drowning in a sea of zombies. If you want to add it to your playlist, you can listen to it below on Spotify and Apple Music.

With the music now in your library, you can begin the game, taking on the Dead Island 2 missions and finding the best weapons in Dead Island 2. For even more help as you play, check out our Dead Island 2 walkthrough which is packed full of guides.