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Dead Island 2 best skills for Amy

Find out which cards top the rankings when it comes to Amy, so you can incoporate them into your build when playing on PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC.

Dead Island 2 best skills Amy: Amy can be seen

When trying to make your way through all the different types of zombies you can imagine, you should check if you’re using the Dead Island 2 best skills for Amy. Depending on the combination of cards you equip you can not only hit enemies harder but also increase your chances of surviving this crazy zombie apocalypse.

Although Dead Island 2 has no complex progression systems and it’s pretty straightforward when it comes to its skill system, you have enough options to combine and take the most out of each character. Amy is a great character when it comes to dealing with damage, but she is quite squishy when compared to others, which doesn’t quite put her on the best character in Dead Island 2 list. So, picking the best skills for her means choosing the ones that help her stay alive while dealing short bursts of damage.

Dead Island 2 Best Skills for Amy

The best skills for Amy in Dead Island 2 are:

  • 1. Dodge
  • 2. Drop Kick
  • 3. Ground Pound
  • 4. Blood Rush
  • 5. Scream
  • 6. Safety First
  • 7. Ravenous
  • 8. Bob and Weave
  • 9. Quake
  • 10. The Limb Reaper
  • 11. Carnage
  • 12. Deadeye
  • 13. Voltaic Scream
  • 14. Corpse Blossom
  • 15. Glass Cannon

In Dead Island 2, the skills are split into four types: Ability skills, Survivor skills, Slayer skills, and Numen skills. You can equip only a certain number of skills of each type. While the skills listed here are solid choices in general, they work the best depending on the strategy you apply when fighting with Amy. This list has the best skills to deal with groups of enemies that might surround you and give you sustain by regaining health and Fury from kills.


In Dead Island 2, you have only two options for defense skills, dodge and block, and the former is by far the best one for Amy. In terms of the effects of these skills, they are the same.

Performing a perfect dodge/block stuns enemies and gives you stamina back. But, while blocking may sound like a good idea, it’s a skill that keeps you still which, in a world full of zombies chasing you, is a dangerous thing to do. Dodge makes you stay in motion and it synergizes amazingly with some other of Amy’s skills.

Drop Kick

Whenever you are running around an area, at least one zombie will inevitably appear right in front of you. That’s when Drop Kick becomes a great tool. This skill allows you to jump and kick an enemy to the ground, where they stay for a few seconds which is more than enough for you to kill them.

Although the Drop Kick doesn’t work with bigger targets, this skill helps you clean the area of weaker zombies quite fast.

Ground Pound

As Amy, one of the worst situations you may find yourself in is surrounded by several zombies, making it hard for you to leave healthy to keep fighting. Because of that, in order to prevent situations like this one, you want to have Ground Pound equipped.

With this skill, you can hit the ground and destabilize enemies close to you. This skill just gets better after you get Quake, upgrading it to a better crowd-control ability.

Blood Rush

After you unlock the zombie powers, the Fury Mode is going to be an essential element of your kit as Amy. You want to build Fury and trigger Fury Mode whenever you find a good window to attack.

So, it’s important to be constantly building Fury. With Blood Rush, you’re going to gain Fury easily, helping you to have the Fury Mode ready for action.

Dead Island 2 best skills Amy: Zmy can be seen punching a zombie


In order to take the most out of your Fury Mode, Scream is one of the best options you have at your disposal. When used, you hit nearby enemies, weakening them.

This is a good option because, first of all, this is not a skillshot, so using it is easier than the other attacks you can have. Secondly, Scream makes a great combo with other skills, such as Ravenous, because it makes defeating enemies easier which will regenerate Fury. This is also great to make your way out of scenarios where a group of enemies surrounds you while you attack the boss.

Safety First

With this card, you recover Health whenever you do a perfect block or dodge. Considering you’re going to be dodging a lot with Amy, even without practicing you inevitably land one or two perfect dodges which improves your survivability.


As you go Fury mode, if you kill zombies while having this card equipped, you replenish Fury. So, what this card does is help you stay in Fury mode for longer periods of time, which is great specially when waves of zombies are coming to attack you.

Bob and Weave

To add more benefits from your dodging, you should use this card that boosts your Attack Speed and Agility after you dodge attacks in succession.


Quake is an upgrade for Ground Pound that you must use since it creates a great crowd-control tool. With this card equipped, whenever you use your special attack, regular zombies are knocked down. It not only prevents zombies from getting too close to you, but it also gives you an opportunity to attack them while they are on the ground.

The Limb Reaper

This skill is a great tool to improve your chance of surviving. Whenever you maim an enemy, you regain health. So, you must always try to maim knocked down enemies or maim them using your weapons, saving some med kits for later.

Dead Island 2 best skills Amy: Amy's skill card deck can be seen


With Carnage, during Fury Mode, you deal more Damage and have more Force assisting you in diminishing enemies’ stability faster. At the same time, this skill spends Fury faster. Even so, because of the Ravenous survivor skills, you can compensate for the extra amount of Fury you’re losing with Carnage.


When playing as Amy, your curveballs are super helpful tools that can either slow enemies or clean groups of zombies while you keep your distance from them. Deadeye triggers a recharge boost of your curveballs whenever you hit a zombie with one of them.

Voltaic Scream

Voltaic Scream is an upgrade to your Fury special attack Scream that applies Electrify to nearby enemies when you use it. Among the elemental effects in the game, electrify is one of the most useful since it stuns enemies.

So, you can wait until you are low health to use Scream, stun them, and recover Fury as well as health as you kill them all.

Corpse Blossom

Corpse Blossom is a great skill to combo with your curveballs, weapons, and other skills such as Voltaic Scream. By equipping this card, whenever an enemy is killed with Fire, Shock, or Caustic damage, they will explode doing that same type of damage.

This is just amazing when dealing with a group of weak zombies or a boss with regular enemies around them. Use your Electric Star, an elemental ranged weapon, or your Voltaic Scream to make them explode and damage nearby zombies.

Glass Cannon

In your second numen skill slot, you can run whatever you want. Glass Cannon is just a solid pick to combo with Frenzy weapons. It gives you a moderate Critical Damage boost and a bigger one when you’re low on health, but it also reduces your Toughness. Since this is not one of Amy’s highest attributes, losing more of it is not a huge problem.

These are all Dead Island 2 best skills for Amy! Keep in mind that some are unlocked only after progressing through the game, while others are dropped by specific enemies. While you don’t have all of them, work with the ones that best synergize with the ones on the list. Or you can check our list of Dead Island 2 missions to know if it will take too long for you to find some of the cards and more in our Dead Island 2 walkthrough article.