Dead Island 2 best Amy build

Find out what the best build if for this character as you finish up your zombie slaying in Hell-A and take on the final missions on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox.

Dead Island 2 Best Amy Build: Amy can be seen

In Dead Island 2, you have not only a variety of methods to put zombies down but also a good group of characters to choose from, each of them having their own characteristics and attributes. In this guide, you can learn Dead Island 2 best Amy build to take the most out of this character.

Dead Island 2 gives each player the chance of picking one character to play through the main quest. Since you can’t change the character you’re using, choosing the one that fits best your play style is extremely important. Amy is a fearless athlete who compensates for her lack of physical resistance with her agility, making her a good option for players who enjoy tackling each by keeping their distance from enemies as they wait for a good window to unleash quick sequences of attacks.

Dead Island 2 best Amy build

The best Dead Island 2 Amy build is:

  • Weapons – Headhunter, Frenzy, Maiming, Sharpshooter, Demolition
  • Curveballs – Molotov Cocktail, Electric Star
  • Abilities – Dodge, Ground Pound, Blood Rush, Scream
  • Skills – Safety First, Ravenous, Bob and Weave, Quake, Vivisuction, The Limb Reaper, Carnage, Deadeye, Voltaic Scream, Corpse Blossom, Glass Cannon

As mentioned, Amy’s strength is her mobility. On the other hand, she is a squishy character, dying quite easily. Because of that, this build is structured around the concept of increasing Amy’s survivability by allowing her to attack from afar or run from enemies until she finds a good window to attack enemies more consistently.

When it comes to specific weapons for this build, it is difficult to specify which ones you should have considering they randomly drop from enemies or are found at specific locations. So, we are listing the types of weapons you must carry as you play as Amy. While some are basic, all of them follow the simple rule of not being too heavy which implies slowing your movement and giving enemies the opportunity to attack you.

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Which weapons should I use for Amy in Dead Island 2?

Whether we are talking about melee weapons or guns, there are certain types that work amazingly with this build. The weapons to use for Amy in Dead Island 2 are:

Charged Electrocutor Pike

Considering most of the time you need to get close to enemies to hit them, melee weapons of this time are the best option to go for enemies’ heads to maximize your damage. They have a passive effect of boosting your agility with a heavy attack.

  • Damage: 545
  • Force: 19
  • Speed: 1.0
  • Max Durability: 58

Unstable Impactor Brass Knuckles

Because we will be looking for the right moments to unleash as many attacks as possible on enemies, Frenzy weapons are a great option because of how fast they are. As you keep hitting enemies, your attack rate increases.

  • Damage: 392
  • Force: 19
  • Speed: 1.0
  • Max Durability: 60

Slaughtering Mutilator Zombie Sword

Running is Amy’s strength whether we like it or not, and nothing better to help you keep moving than Maiming weapons. With them, you deal extra damage to limbs, so you can look for the legs or arms of small enemies to take them out of battle. Besides that, when you take a limb off you regain stamina, which is great to keep running from the big zombies.

  • Damage: 548
  • Force: 16
  • Speed: 1.0
  • Max Durability: 69

Sporting Rifle

Since there are situations in which you simply can’t find a good moment to get near enemies to hit them, you might need to just shoot them from afar. Dead Island 2’s aiming system is not the smoothest one, but after some time practicing you can easily use a sharpshooter gun to hit their weak points. This weapon will save your life in moments where you can’t heal Amy and trying to hit the enemy with a melee weapon is too risky.

  • Damage: 786
  • Force: 18
  • Fire Rate: 200
  • Accuracy: 78
  • Magazine Size: 20

Mindblowing Shotgun

While running from zombies and attacking them, you might find yourself surrounded by a mob of enemies. A demolition weapon is a good pick for such a daunting scenario since they are intended to be used close-range in exchange for high damage output. Another positive aspect of weapons of this type is that you don’t need to aim. Just pull the tricker and open your way out of trouble.

  • Damage: 1440
  • Force: 42
  • Fire Rate: 80
  • Accuracy: 35
  • Magazine Size: 8

Dead Island 2 Best Amy Build: Amy can be seen killing zombies

Which Curveballs should I use for Amy in Dead Island 2?

When it comes to which Curveballs you should run with Amy, we must remember that our goal is to focus on elements that can help Amy to perform the strategy of running while looking for an opportunity to attack.

Because of that, we are running Molotov Cocktail and Electric Star, but, since Curveballs are found or unlocked during the game, you may not have them yet. In this case, focus on any other that can help you either keep zombies distant from you or trigger environmental effects.

Molotov Cocktail

The classic glass bottle filled with fuel is as useful as always. Using this item allows you to deal damage to groups of enemies as well as triggering environmental effects, such as exploding barrels or setting areas on fire.

This is a great item to use to constantly deal damage to enemies you are running from. Because it can affect large areas, the Molotov Cocktail will help you avoid getting near groups of enemies.

  • Contact Trigger
  • Inflicts Flammable
  • Damage: 10
  • Force: 40
  • Radius: 400
  • Range: 83
  • Recharge Rate: 1.7

Electric Star

Just like the Molotov Cocktail, these shurikens are amazing when dealing with enemies from afar. Since it has the capacity to inflict Electrify, you can use it to stun enemies, electrify them by throwing a star in the water, and even setting areas on fire by throwing the shurikens to parts of the ground covered with oil.

You can also use the Electric Star at weaker enemies and aim for their limbs.

  • Contact Damage
  • Inflicts Electrified
  • Damage: 10
  • Force: 3
  • Range: 137
  • Recharge Rate: 22

Dead Island 2 Best Amy Build: Amy can be seen killing zombies

Which abilities should I use for Amy in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, you use Ability cards to make small tweaks in the character’s basic kit, customizing it according to how you enjoy playing the game. For this build, we focused on using ability cards that help you keep moving and building Fury.


This is the best option for the defense skill slot. As mentioned before, Amy is not the toughest character when it comes to taking a lot of damage. What we want is to keep Amy moving as much as possible and Dodge helps you do that. Whenever you do a perfect dodge, you regain Stamina and you also stun enemies.

Drop Kick

In the jump kick skill slot, there isn’t only one good option, so experimenting is the secret to finding the one that suits you the best. However, Drop Kick is the best option to maximize damage output. Since you run a lot with Amy, from time to time an enemy appears in front of you which is the perfect opportunity to kick them to the ground and finish them.

Ground Pountd/Dash Strike

For the special attack slot, you will be running Ground Pound to help you deal with waves of weaker enemies that might get close to you while you’re dealing with stronger zombies. But, in case you are getting low health constantly you might want to pick Dash Strike since you can heal when you hit enemies with this skill by equipping the Vivisuction survivor skill card.

Blood Rush

Blood Rush is just a solid option for any build since it helps you generate Fury which you use to activate the Fury mode.


Since activating Fury mode when you see an opening to attack enemies is a great way to deal as much damage as possible, you might find yourself surrounded by enemies as you furiously hit your main target. By using Scream, you make nearby enemies weak, helping you increase your damage as well as clean the small enemies faster.

Which skills should I use for Amy in Dead Island 2?

If Ability cards are related to Amy’s basic skill set, the other skills you equip can either give you passive or active abilities. The following list of skills was chosen based on the whole concept behind this build, which means that there are other pretty good skills for Amy but they don’t necessarily synergize well with the weapons or Ability cards we selected. In case you want a further explanation about each of these skills, you can see more about them in our Dead Island 2 Best Skills for Amy guide.

  • Safety First (Survivor)
  • Ravenous (Survivor)
  • Bob and Weave (Survivor)
  • Quake/Vivisuction (Survivor)
  • The Limb Reaper (Slayer)
  • Carnage (Slayer)
  • Deadeye (Slayer)
  • Voltaic Scream (Slayer)
  • Corpse Blossom (Numen)
  • Glass Cannon (Numen)

That’s all the explanation you need about Dead Island 2 best Amy build. But keep in mind that this build works with a certain style of playing the game. In case you want to use different strategies, you can check our list of the best Dead Island 2 weapons to see which one can help you, as well as our other guides in our Dead Island 2 walkthrough article.