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Cyberpunk 2077’s hacking mini-game is so boring players are hacking it

The Breach Protocol mini-game is notoriously tedious, and this player had the most Cyberpunk solution

A hacker in Cyberpunk 2077

Most Cyberpunk 2077 players decided pretty early on that they didn’t like the hacking mini-game. Breach Protocol is tedious, complicated, and barely explained – a recipe for the worst gameplay in an otherwise remarkable game, and it certainly left a sour taste in players’ mouths.

If you come across a laptop, antenna, or any other access point for V to plug in and play, you just know you’re in for a rough time. But, it’s often hard to resist those sweet, sweet Eurodollars. However, one tech-minded player has hacked the hacking. And we don’t mean like game hacking either, this is the proper stuff.

Reddit user u/Kamandaran wrote a script that automatically solves Breach Protocols for you, thereby removing the stressful and boring mini-game and letting you straight into the rewards. We can confirm that this also makes u/Kamandaran the most Cyberpunk person to play Cyberpunk. We don’t make the rules.

While the player didn’t reveal any more details about their script, another hacker in the thread dropped a link to their own version of the autohacking system. Joshua “TheJsh” Chen dropped his source code in the thread, so if you want to hack into your version of Cyberpunk 2077, then go ahead.

I wrote a script to automatically complete breach protocols! from cyberpunkgame

It seems that this only works for PC players, as the program takes a screenshot of your hacking terminal in the window that’s playing Cyberpunk to solve the problem.

This seems like the coolest, most Cyberpunk way of hacking into a tedious mini-game in order to bypass the boredom and get your hands on the cold, hard cash.