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Crysis 4 release date speculation, platforms, details

With the Crysis 4 release date on the horizon, here is everything that has been announced about the game so far, including the first trailer

Crysis 4 Release Date: Nomad's helmet can be seen lying on the ground.

When is the Crysis 4 release date? Crysis 4 has officially been announced by Crytek after the team remastered all three games in the last few years. Built for new technology, Crysis 4 promises to be the next evolution of the franchise, reinventing it for modern platforms and PC. But, when can we expect the Crysis 4 release date? When can we expect gameplay or more details? Read on for a full overview of everything Crytek has revealed so far about the latest entry in the shooter series.

Crysis 3 released in 2013 and with Crysis 4 looking like it is still a while away, chances are we won’t see it until at least a decade after the last game. Crytek haven’t revealed too much about the game right now but we do have a brief glimpse at what we can expect, including some teasers within the trailer.

Crysis 4 release date speculation

As of right now, Crysis 4 doesn’t have a release date. But, it is expected to launch in 2024 or 2025 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC as the team has been working on it for several years at this point.

We’ve only seen a brief trailer and heard news that the game is in the “early stages” of development, so it definitely won’t be this year.

Crysis 4 platforms

Crysis 4’s platforms haven’t been announced yet, although we would imagine it would release on PC and current-gen consoles: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

A last-gen release seems unlikely given that we are still at least a year away from the release of the game.

Crysis 4 gameplay

Crysis 4’s gameplay hasn’t been revealed yet. All we have seen is a very brief CGI trailer, which does tease some of the themes and provide some hints on where the franchise might be heading.

Hopefully we will see more later this year at the Summer Games Fest.

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Crysis 4 details

Crytek hasn’t revealed any details about Crysis 4, however, the reveal trailer above does suggest a hint toward a few things.

Firstly, Nomad’s helmet can be seen in the trailer, alongside cataclysmic-like events, such as the destruction of the world, and what appears to be the sun exploding (or maybe being destroyed).

This may be hinting toward the idea that Nomad and the world in the first three games are gone and Crysis 4 will be a soft reboot of the series in some way.

The tagline “it’s time to join the journey and be the hero” could suggest that the series might be heading towards a live-service, co-op format. The word “join” specifically evokes the idea that you will be teaming up with friends.

Beyond that though, there is very little in this trailer which we can pull apart.

Crytek has hired Hitman 3’s game director Mattias Engström to lead the development of the sequel as game director.

That is all for Crysis 4 right now. Ahead of the Crysis 4 release date, be sure to keep checking back for more updates as Crytek reveals more about the game.