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CrossfireX dev apologises, says there’s “no excuse” for Xbox Game Pass problems

Many issues have cropped up after CrossfireX's launch, such as players not being able to access the game with Game Pass like they should

crossfirex game on game pass

Xbox’s latest shooter, CrossfireX, has landed with a host of issues, like not being able to access the Operation Catalyst campaign with Game Pass. But Smilegate executive producer Sooro Boo has been quick to apologise to disappointed fans in a statement put out on the game’s website, where he also lays out his plans for upcoming fixes.

“You mean everything to us and I felt that you deserved more than just a simple patch note,” Boo says, addressing fans. “Which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to personally apologise for the current state of the game, take you through exactly how we plan to address the issues and ultimately ask for a chance to make it all up to you.”

According to the statement, the issues surrounding controller sensitivity – such as input lag, and fluctuating dead zones and acceleration – have already been fixed and loaded into an upcoming update. This update was due to arrive in early March, but the patch is expected to go live a few weeks ahead of schedule, meaning it will drop anytime now.

Another area seeing changes is with the game’s Boogieman. Once you earn 2,000 XP in-game, you can summon and become the Boogieman, but it’s a feature that players have been complaining is unbalanced. “To balance this, we will remove the auto-heal feature, as well as the ability to continue earning growth points when playing as the Boogieman,” Boo says. This means that you won’t see so many Boogiemen running around the map destroying all hopes of victory. Like controller sensitivity, this issue is going to be resolved a few weeks ahead of the March schedule, hopefully.

Aiming down sights with the CAR-4 has been affecting “many players,” including one of The Loadout’s own writers. Whenever you aimed down the rifle’s sights and pulled the trigger, it would pop your view back out to a normal one with the weapon in front of you. Luckily, this too should be solved in the patch dropping anytime.

Though the issues are coming thick and fast, Sooro Boo isn’t taking this lightly. “We felt that CrossfireX’s current issues had to do more with the core fundamentals of the game and that it felt like we’ve betrayed the trust of our players. There is simply no excuse for this, which is why I wanted to make a personal apology and explain exactly what the issues are and how we plan to overcome them … and hope to regain your trust again.”