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New Call of Duty leak suggests you’ll be seeing Ghosts in 2026

The new Call of Duty games could finally deliver the Ghost origin story we’ve all been waiting for on PS5 and Xbox, based on this latest leak.

Call of Duty leak Ghosts Advanced Warfare 2026 2027: Ghost wearing sunglasses next to a soldier with a big beard

May 14, 2024 Visceral has stated on Twitter that their information is inaccurate.

Call of Duty HQ must have a terrible leak because we not only potentially know what CoD 2025 is going to look like, but now dribs and drabs have come down the rumor pipeline pertaining to 2026 and 2027’s games. If the latest leaks are to be believed, then it also means we will be waiting a very long time for Call of Duty MW4 to arrive on PS5 and Xbox.

As shared by ‘Visceral,’ Infinity Ward is set to take over the reins from Treyarch in 2026 for a new Ghosts title that currently goes by ‘Project Devilwood.’ Meanwhile, Sledgehammer’s ‘Project Anvil’ – a new Advanced Warfare installment – will jetpack its way onto consoles a year later. Considering it’s already been a decade since we’ve seen the last from both sub-series, I’d expect these to be full-on reboots akin to some of the other best FPS games in the post-2019 Modern Warfare run.

Seeing a back-to-back Ghosts/Advanced Warfare run like we had in 2013-2014 would certainly get the ol’ nostalgia going, and though details are thin on the ground right now for COD’s slate of upcoming multiplayer games, we might already know what the former of the pair will entail.

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Back in January, Insider Gaming reported that CoD 2026 is “understood to be in the Modern Warfare universe.” As we know, 2013’s Ghosts is a canonical standalone from the rest of the series, so what could this mean?

Well, back in October 2022 Modern Warfare 2 head writer Brian Bloom told IGN that crafting the origin story for Ghost – one of Modern Warfare’s most iconic characters – would be their ideal spin-off scenario. Putting the pieces together, it’s not hard to speculate that this revamped ‘Ghosts’ game could act as a prequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare, with Ghost himself as the main man. I’m gassed just thinking about it.

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Considering 2025’s CoD is reportedly set to be a futuristic Black Ops 2 sequel, alongside this latest leak, this does leave us with one pressing question: what about Modern Warfare 4? MW3’s cliffhanger ending is, based on the current cadence, going to be left as is until at least 2028. This is an absurd amount of time considering the longest gap between Modern Warfare installments so far has been three years, and we’ve just come off a double-whammy of Price and pals.

That being said, I’m somewhat relieved that Infinity Ward is (hopefully) getting extra time to work on MW4 (if there is one planned) considering how much of a mess MW3’s rushed campaign was – so messy, in fact, we barely gave it a 6/10 in our Call of Duty MW3 review. Yes, the new Advanced Warfare game would break up the development cycle somewhat, but if it means the conclusion to the MW reboot will be drastically better than its predecessor then I’m willing to wait.

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