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Warzone how to unlock the ISO 45

Look no further for how to unlock the ISO 45 in Warzone to take over Vondel and more in the competitive battle royale on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC.

How to unlock the ISO 45 in Warzone: A soldier wearing a mask, looking at the camera.

Season 4 is here and you’re likely eager to find out how to unlock the ISO 45 in Warzone, the dependable SMG. The Warzone ISO 45 is one of the three new weapons you can get in Season 4, and a throwback to an old favorite from a previous game, so you’re not going to want to miss it.

Call of Duty Warzone is constantly shaking things up with exciting new maps, weapons, and more coming with each season. With the ISO 45 being one of the Warzone Season 4 guns, you will have to unlock the weapon before you can use it. Once you have though, it will be a force to be reckoned with in one of the best competitive FPS games right now.

How to unlock the ISO 45 in Warzone

You can unlock the ISO 45 in Warzone through the Season 4 battle pass by reaching Sector D19. This is a free Sector so you don’t need to spend any COD Points to get it.

D19 is the penultimate Sector, so the ISO 45 will undoubtedly take you a while to unlock. If you’ve got your heart set on this SMG, however, worry not. You can get it slightly quicker if you think ahead and are more efficient with your Battle Pass Tokens, claiming only the necessary Sectors required to reach D19. Remember, some Sectors can be avoided until after you’ve got the weapons, saving you time when you’re just starting the battle pass.

And if that’s not enough and you really want to unlock the ISO 45 fast, then head into Ground War or Invasion in MW2 if you own it, or attempt grinding Warzone wins to earn Battle Pass Tokens as faster. You can also complete a variety of daily challenges to earn more Battle Pass Token XP.

The ISO 45 is a high rate of fire, high stopping power SMG. If you recognise the weapon, then that’s because it’s a throwback to Modern Warfare (2019), which featured the ISO submachine gun.

While the best Warzone assault rifles will certainly be more versatile in Warzone, having much longer range and better accuracy, the ISO 45 is a beast in close range. However, with a slightly lower fire rate than the competition, this SMG can push out further ranges than you might expect.

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Now you know how to unlock the ISO 45 in Warzone and have an idea of its place in the Warzone meta. There’s lots of guns to choose from, and we all want to beat the odds and win, so stay up to date with the Warzone best guns to have the best chances of coming out on top.