How to Superman jump in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone's strange super jump glitch is back in Verdansk '84

Players dropping in to the new Verdansk 84 map

It seems that a strange glitch that would give people a “Superman jump” in Call of Duty: Warzone has resurfaced in Season 3 of the game. The oddity isn’t all that common, but players are scrambling to find the method of how to perform it. Why? Because it can help you make enormous leaps to different rooftops, and see you travel much further when you do decide to leave the top of a building.

Variations of the Superman jump Warzone glitch have been around for a while, and some players have figured out methods of routinely performing them in the past – although most have ended up being patched in subsequent updates. However, it is now randomly reappearing among some high-rise buildings in the new Verdansk ‘84 map.

So what exactly does a Superman jump look like, and how can you pull it off yourself? Well, here’s everything we know about the bizarre glitch right now.

What is a Warzone Superman jump?

The Superman jump Warzone glitch involves players jumping in a certain way from the edge of a tall building and triggering the freefall animation you experience when jumping from the plane at the start of a match.

This allows you to cover farther distances than a regular jump, and fall more quickly before having to pull your parachute, making you a less easy target as you fall through the air.

How to Superman jump in Warzone

To perform the Superman jump in Warzone, you need to do a sequence of movements very quickly – and have a stroke of good luck – for it to come off.

This firstly only appears to work on buildings tall enough for the ‘Deploy Parachute’ message to appear, so find somewhere nice and high. Mantle up onto the ledge of the building, if there is one, and engage your tactical sprint to start running off the edge.

As soon as you hit the edge, aim your weapon and flick your aim to the right, then press jump. Immediately after that, deploy and then cut your parachute as quickly as possible to trigger the freefall animation. If the drop is quite big, remember to redeploy your parachute at the end so that you don’t eliminate yourself with fall damage.

This is not an easy glitch to pull off, but with some practice you may be able to nail the Superman jump in Warzone.