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Warzone Season 3 high value loot zones will be Caldera’s honey traps

Warzone Season 3's high value loot zones are designed to give players the chance to get the best loot, while risking it all for the name of the game

Warzone Season 3 high value loot zones: A soldier holding a sniper rifle and a man holding an axe

Battle royale games have long employed limited-time events that entice players to hot drop – causing mayhem on the battlefield before the first circle has really had time to take shape. Warzone Season 3 is looking to do just that on a more permanent basis, with high value loot zones that’ll suck people in through the promises of good loot and Rebirth supply boxes.

These high value loot zones, which are basically honey traps, have been teased in today’s patch notes for Season 3. They will, apparently, be detailed on the map by a dollar sign and provide the “best looting opportunities” for those that fancy their chances.

These zones won’t be available in-game right away – Raven Software says they’ll be hitting Caldera alongside the Operation Monarch Warzone event – but they were inspired by the likes of big public events like Cash Drops from Season 1.

It is worth remembering that Warzone Season 3 has an added threat – King Kong and Godzilla, which are expected to snap up unsuspecting players in the next couple of weeks. And what is a honey trap without a little danger?

While the blog is a little light on details, other than that these high value loot zones will offer just that, some are speculating that these zones could well be where these big beasties live. Want to nab a Specialist Token or a stack of cash? Fight your way through Kong’s grasp and you might just get lucky.

Either way, these public events certainly make for more interesting games, so make sure to read the Warzone Season 3 patch notes and strap yourself in for what sounds like the battle royale’s biggest season to date.