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RAAL MG Warzone release date, unlock, Rook blueprint, and more

When can we get our hands on the RAAL in Call of Duty: Warzone?

A side profile of the RAAL MG in Warzone

The RAAL MG has remained something of a mystery for several months in Call of Duty: Warzone. A blueprint variant of this hard-hitting LMG appeared for just a few days during February 2021, but was never seen again.

However, the Modern Warfare RAAL has finally been added to Warzone for Season 5 of the Black Ops Cold War cycle. The new LMG dropped on August 24. Warzone developer Raven Software teased half way through Season 4 that a “long-awaited” gun would soon be released, likely referring to both the RAAL and its long-teased SMG cousin, the CX-9.

If it still performs anything like it did in those few days it was available to players, then the RAAL could certainly be a contender as one of the best Warzone guns, thanks to its huge magazine and very high damage output. Now that it has been added to the game permanently, Warzone players will be keen to unlock the RAAL MG and add it to their loadouts.

Here’s everything we know about the RAAL in Warzone so far.

RAAL MG Warzone release date

The RAAL MG was released in Warzone on August 24, 2021 during Season 5.

RAAL MG Warzone unlock

To get the RAAL MG in Warzone when you’ll have to complete an unlock challenge, or purchase a blueprint variant from the store.

This was the RAAL MG unlock challenge for Modern Warfare and Warzone:

“Get five kills in seven different matches while using LMGs equipped with Scout Optics.”

If you’d rather not wait to complete the unlock challenge, there is a good chance that a RAAL blueprint will appear in the Warzone store soon after its release.

RAAL MG Warzone blueprint

We already know of one RAAL MG blueprint in Warzone, which is called Rook. This blueprint was the one appearing in loot crates during a short spell of Season 2.

That’s all we know about about unlocking the RAAL in Warzone. If it hits half as hard as it did when it was accidentally released earlier in the year, expect it to make a big impression on the Warzone meta.