Warzone loadout of the week: Booya frags with the C58 and OTs 9

Best Warzone loadouts: A Warzone operator in a red mask aims a C58 assault rifle while a battle ensues behind him. One player is firing a rocket launcher, and another is parachuting through the air

Welcome back to another edition of our Warzone loadout of the week series – and this week, we aren’t playing around. Usually we like to go for something a bit unusual or obscure, but today’s class is in the spotlight for one simple reason: it’s an absolute monster.

It combines two of the most-used weapons in the current Warzone meta, and counters the incredibly frustrating new Combat Scout perk. It’s been dubbed “the best loadout” in Warzone Season 5 by one of the game’s top streamers, FaZe Clan’s ‘Booya’ – and we’re inclined to agree with him.

So what is within this exquisite masterpiece of a Warzone loadout? Here we’ll dive in and give you all the details, from the weapons and attachments to the perks and equipment. If you’re looking for a new class to fry with in Warzone, look no further than this Booya’s C58 and OTs 9 combination.

C58 build

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 18.7” Ranger
  • Axial Arms 3x
  • Field Agent Grip
  • 45 Rnd Drum Mag

While the Krig remains the most popular AR choice among the general player base in Warzone Season 5, the C58 is number one for those with a slightly higher skill ceiling. If you can handle the recoil, the C58 will outslay the Krig and pretty much anything else it comes up against at long-range.

This build is pretty much the standard long-range AR build, aside from two personal preferences from Booya. First, he opts for the Ranger barrel rather than the more widely-used Task Force barrel. And second, he backs his ability to hit all of his shots by running the 45 Rnd Drum Mag instead of the larger 55-round mags on offer. This is to minimise the ADS speed penalty.

While that Field Agent Grip will help tame the recoil somewhat, remember that the C58 still requires a skilled and experienced hand to be most effective.

OTs 9 build

  • GRU Suppressor
  • 8.1” Task Force
  • KGB Skeletal Stock
  • VDV 40 Rnd Fast Mag
  • Serpent Wrap

For close-range shredding, Booya opts for the OTs 9. Having just had its troublesome iron sights fixed, and one of its main rivals (the Modern Warfare MP5) getting a close-range nerf in a recent update, the OTs 9 is on course to be one of the best SMGs in Season 5.

This build helps boost your mobility and range while also using the absolutely crucial 40 Rnd Fast Mag attachment. With its quick rate of fire, the OTs 9 burns through ammo fast, and the 40 Rnd Fast Mag is essential for giving you not only more bullets to use but a quicker reload speed as well.

A man with a taped eye patch fires a small sub-machine gun

Perks and equipment

While Overkill and Amped are quite commonly-used perks, Booya opts for a slightly unusual pick in his Perk 1 slot. He uses Cold Blooded in this loadout to counter the effects of Combat Scout, one of the two new Warzone perks that is being used by a lot of players right now.

For equipment, it’s the standard pairing of Semtex and a Heartbeat Sensor.

So, if you want to change things up in the loadout department, look no further than this class. With two meta weapons, a perk to counter the frustrating Combat Scout, this is certainly one of the strongest loadouts possible for Season 5.