How to unlock the Bombardment in Call of Duty: Warzone

Here's where to find the Protocol Key and how the Bombardment works

Two operators firing at each other at close range. They are battling in front of an enormous cargo ship named the Vodianoy

A new Call of Duty: Warzone update has added an intriguing new killstreak item: the Bombardment. Along with other high-value items – such as Loadout Drops, Advanced UAVs, and the return of the Foresight ability that shows you the position of every safe zone in a match – Bombardment is one of the things you can obtain from those mysterious zombie containment computers located in bunkers around Verdansk.

These now double up as Buy Stations, but offer a different range to regular Buy Stations. While most items can be bought with cash (Foresight, for example, is now buyable for $20,000) the Bombardment is listed under its own subsection, ‘Containment Protocol’, and can only be acquired with some form of key.

The Bombardment itself also looks to be immensely powerful. From early clips, it looks to work similarly to a Cluster Strike or Precision Airstrike but with much bigger explosions and longer duration. Bombardment strikes in Warzone last around a minute. It is also not manually called in, and instead rains down automatically on the infected area of the map where the zombies are.

Here’s some first looks at the new item, and how to unlock the Bombardment in Warzone.

How to get the Bombardment in Warzone

While other killstreaks and items offered by the zombie computer screens can be bought with cash, the Warzone Bombardment cannot. Instead, it simply says that it ‘Requires Key’ to obtain.

Early footage appears to suggest that the key required to get the Bombardment is a Protocol Key (translated from the Russian clip below) and these can drop from zombie loot crates which are cracked open after clearing out a wave of zombies at the infected location.

Once you pick up this Protocol Key from a zombie loot crate, head to one of the bunkers that contain a zombie computer, interact with it to bring up the Buy Station menu, and you should be able to trade in your Protocol Key access card to get yourself a Bombardment.

How does the Bombardment work in Warzone

When you pick up a Bombardment in Warzone, it will begin automatically, and is not called in manually like regular killstreaks.

It is an aerial hail of explosions, which will only affect the area in which the zombies are currently roaming. The Bombardment lasts for a whole minute – essentially trapping any players in that area inside for fear of being downed by the massive explosions.

The targeted area will be shown by a black circle on the minimap.

As this is not a player-controlled killstreak, you can’t keep this in your pocket for the final circle, for example. This is more of an easter egg than a legitimate killstreak – but it could still pick you up a few eliminations if enemy players are out in the open.

The fact that the Bombardment targets the infected area of the map further points to rumours that Verdansk is set to be completely obliterated in the coming weeks as the zombie outbreak continues to spread. There are also rumours that its destruction will lead to a new map.