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Warzone tips and tricks – the best tactics for Season 1

If you're struggling to get a win in Al Mazrah, use these handy Warzone tips and tricks to get the upper hand on your unsuspecting opponents

Warzone 2 tips and tricks: A Roze operator leans out a car with a sniper rifle

Are you searching for Warzone tips and tricks in the hopes of securing yet more wins inside Call of Duty’s new and improved battle royale experience? Well, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a newcomer to Al Mazrah or a veteran Verdansk operator, you can always learn new tricks to get the better of your opponents online.

From advice on the best Warzone 2 guns or the best Warzone 2 loadouts or tips on where to land or what contracts to start with, we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

Choose your drop carefully

We know it’s tempting to fling yourself out of the plane with all the other soldiers out there, but hot dropping isn’t always the answer. Warzone 2 is played much more slowly than its predecessor, and, as such, picking a big city in the hopes of picking a fight early isn’t necessarily the best play.

So to save yourself an early trip to the Gulag with some other poor soul, consider the flight path and a drop that’ll offer you everything you need: guns, equipment, contracts, and fortification.

Warzone tips tricks: Three operators get ready to jump out of a plane above Al Mazrah

Pick up contracts

If you want to gather intel in Warzone 2, contracts are a great way to do it – especially in the early game. When you drop, try and pick up a Bounty contract straight away. This will give you the approximate location of a nearby enemy for a couple of minutes. You don’t have to eliminate them but if you do – or anyone else for that matter – you’ll we rewarded with cash.

The other contracts all have value too. Secure Intel will give you either XP, money, or the location of the next circle – something that’s always worth the gamble – Safecracker will drop you loot and cash, and Most Wanted will give you the chance to revive your dead teammates for free – providing you survive four minutes of being hunted by the entire map, of course.

Use your rucksack

The rucksack is a new addition to Warzone 2 and it gives you the chance to channel your inner trash panda and horde all the things. While it’s good for storing extra armour plates, it’s super useful for sharing loot out among your teammates – particularly if one has a habit of attracting bullets.

Build situational loadouts

The loadout system in Warzone 2 works a bit differently this time around. You can no longer buy loadouts from buy stations, so the only way tog et your hand on your finetuned classes are to either blitz through a Stronghold – an AI guarded fortress – or grab one from a drop mid-match.

As such, building situational loadouts is really important in Warzone 2 since you don’t know what state you’ll be in and what sort of range you’ll be facing when you finally get your hands on one. Sure, you can still buy primary weapons from buy stations, but that’s not the same as getting the full package, is it?

To help you build these class setups, make sure to read our guides on the best Warzone 2 SMGsbest Warzone 2 assault riflesbest Warzone 2 sniper rifles, and best Warzone 2 LMGs.

Warzone 2 tips and tricks: A man in a ghillie suit witha  sniper rifle aims while a loadout drops

Turn proximity chat on

Another new feature of Warzone 2 is proximity chat and while it’s funny to listen to your enemies scream as you bombard their room with Drill Charges, it also gives you an indication that you have enemies in the vicinity.

Sure, there’s still a chance people are using Discord to communicate, but with proximity chat, enemy teams could be giving up their position without realising, so keep your ears to the ground.

Take advantage of split circles

As the late game starts to play out in Warzone 2, the circles will get a little more creative. Now, instead of having an ever shrinking circle, the safe zone in Al Mazrah will split into two and, after some time, converge.

If you position yourself correctly, you can use these split circles to your advantage and fight on a singular front.

Watch for flares

This is a classic Warzone tip, but it still counts for Warzone 2. With buy stations still allowing players to bring back their dead buddies for $4,000 dollars, keep your eyes on the skies and you’ll know when and where that exchange has just taken place.

Take each Gulag as it comes

The Gulag is 2vs this time around and while you’ll need to work together to free yourself from the Gulag, remember each fight will be different. You can work together on proximity chat or if you’re feeling a little risky, call for a ceasefire, and ask all three players to take on the Jailer – a big, beefy man armed with a minigun.

Survive and you’ll earn a spot back on the plane with your three newfound friends.

Tackle Strongholds

Strongholds are just one of two ways to get your hands on a loadout drop, but they’re guarded by AI soldiers. If you’ve played DMZ, then you’ll know the calibre of these fighters, but if you’ve not, don’t nuderestimate them.

Taking on Strongholds is a viable tactic in Warzone 2, but you have to approach it tactically and be aware that you may not be the only ones looking to reap the rewards.

So that’s our top Warzone tips and tricks so far. We’ll keep this guide up to date as we get up to speed with Warzone 2 Season 1, but for now, that’s it. Go put your newfound knowledge into practice and earn some wins.