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Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout best attachments and class setup

If you like weapons that are accurate, strong, and provide great damage, then the best Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout might be the right choice for you

Best Warzone 2 TAQ-M Loadout: TAQ-M marksman rifle in front of the Al Mazrah map

Every player should rely on a great weapon during intense firefights, and you might need the best Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout to be that weapon. This incredible marksman rifle hits hard, all while being accurate too.

The TAQ-M narrowly missed out on our best Warzone 2 guns list, but you shouldn’t take this rifle lightly. It offers a balanced set of great stats, enough to top the list of the best Warzone 2 marksman rifles. When you’re playing one of the best battle royale games out there right now, you’ll definitely want to dominate in every match you play, and using this loadout is a must.

Best Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout

Using our best Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout, you’ll be getting wins in no time. Here are the attachments required for this build:

  • Stock: TV Ballast Stock
  • Underbarrel: Demo IMP-44 Grip
  • Magazine: 15 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: FSS Combat Grip
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser

The goal of this loadout for the TAQ-M is to make sure it can be viable at a variety of ranges, especially mid-range. Since the Warzone 2 map is fairly large with various POIs scattered, having a weapon that can work well in different situations is a must. That’s why this loadout helps with mobility and accuracy.

Firstly, the TV Ballast Stock helps to bring up the mobility of the TAQ-M by increasing the sprint speed, ADS speed, as well as the aim walking and crouch movement speed. The Demo IMP-44 Grip brings some additional boosts to the aiming stability and recoil stabilisation of this Marksman Rifle.

The 15 Round Mag keeps the focus away from reloading as often, so you can keep your eye on the prize (the prize being to win the game). The FSS Combat Grip further increases the recoil control, which is great for long-range engagements. Finally, the FSS OLE-V Laser allows you to ADS faster, as well as further stabilising your aim, at the cost of a visible laser whenever you aim.

You should be ready to take on your opponents in Al Mazrah, but if you want to further improve your odds of winning, check out our best class setup for this loadout below.

Best Warzone 2 TAQ-M class setup

Since the TAQ-M is best for mid to long-range, we recommend taking something that can balance the imperfections of the gun to Al Mazrah in your secondary slot. That’s why we suggest you use the best Warzone 2 BAS-P loadout or the best Warzone 2 Lachmann Sub loadout. This way you can better handle enemies that pop up at close range.

That means the best perk package to use alongside our TAQ-M loadout is none other than Weapon Specialist, as it contains the Overkill perk necessary for our above secondary choices. However, if you find that the TAQ-M is fine on its own, you should use Specter instead.

You should now have the best Warzone 2 TAQ-M loadout ready and waiting for your next drop into Al Mazrah. If this gun doesn’t seem to suit your playstyle, we recommend going with the best Warzone 2 SP-R 208 loadout or you could try the best Warzone 2 Kastov 762 loadout if you want something with a higher fire rate. Make sure to adjust your game to the best Warzone 2 settings to have a better chance at winning!