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Warzone 2 leak claims new map’s city POI will feel like GTA

A swathe of Call of Duty Warzone 2 information around vehicles, maps, and more has been leaked by a notable Warzone YouTuber and streamer

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Ahead of the upcoming Call of Duty Next showcase which will update fans on the future of the franchise, a fresh batch of Warzone 2 leaks have hit social media, this time via a popular Warzone YouTuber and streamer.

Taking to Twitter, ‘Metaphor’ dumps a whole load of information on Warzone 2 based on gameplay he has reportedly seen. A lot of this lines up with previously leaked information, but some of it we’re hearing about for the first time.

One of the most interesting Warzone 2 leaks being reported by Metaphor is that Warzone’s iconic gas storm that closes in around players in the battle royale is being swapped for a dust storm. This could signal the end of gas masks, although a new piece of equipment serving the same, storm-protecting purpose could certainly be introduced in Warzone 2.

Metaphor also makes several claims regarding vehicles in Warzone 2. He says that, unlike in current Warzone, vehicles will have a limited amount of fuel (he estimates around two minutes worth of driving) and can be both refuelled and have damage repaired by driving near gas stations that are scattered around the map.

The lineup of vehicles also seems to be changing. While ATVs are apparently returning, new vehicles such as civilian cars and new-look helicopters will be present in Warzone 2, according to Metaphor.

As was claimed earlier this year, the Warzone 2 map will feature POIs based on several classic Call of Duty maps – one of which is apparently going to be Highrise. As you may remember from the original Modern Warfare 2 map, in the centre is a helicopter. According to Metaphor, that will now be an actual heli you can drop in on, commandeer, and fly around the map. A nice touch, if it turns out to be true.

Speaking of POIs, Metaphor claims that the main city POI in the Warzone 2 map is “extremely detailed and looks amazing”, comparing it to the kind of built up environment you would find in the GTA series.

One thing that may be a cause for concern for players that enjoy Warzone’s smaller-scale experiences is that Metaphor hasn’t seen or heard anything regarding a Rebirth Island-style map. Apparently a second Warzone 2 map is in development, but this is once again a larger-scale battle royale experience.

There are plenty more details revealed by Metaphor, and you can find all of them here.

The Warzone 2 release date is creeping ever closer, and while a fair amount has leaked about the game, official and confirmed details are almost non-existent. While the information leaked by Metaphor all seems viable, and much of it lines up with past reports too, we’ll have to await proper confirmation and announcements to see if he is on the money.