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Warzone 2 April Fool’s Day mode is dominated by the thermite crossbow

Warzone 2 players can dive into a limited April Fool's Day mode that doubles down on zany COD antics, but its the crossbow that has Call of Duty fans talking.

Operator with the crossbow in Warzone 2

Though April Fool’s Day may have passed, there is still fun to be had in Call of Duty Warzone 2. The ever-popular battle royale game from Activision is getting up to all sorts of no-good on the streets of Al Mazrah, thanks to a brand new limited-time mode. However, players hopping over from Modern Warfare 2 will want to utilise a particularly hilarious weapon from the pantheon of COD history.

To celebrate the annual occurrence of April Fool’s Day, Warzone 2 currently features a limited-time playlist dubbed Totally Normal Battle Royale. Entering the playlist will warn players not to continue, but doing so will open up a whole new realm of glorious stupid around Al Mazrah. That much is true for Call of Duty Redditor ‘curtisjoesakic’, who claims that the “thermite crossbow is the best troll for [the] April Fool’s [Day] game mode.”

Taking to the mountains of Al Mazrah, the gleeful COD player showcases just how bombastic the crossbow can be in this game mode. The crossbow is buffed with unparalleled power, launching the Warzone 2 player up into the air, allowing them to snag some air superiority in the process.

With ridiculous parameters set to the game’s gravity and movement, it harkens back to the days of couch multiplayer games like Time Splitters 2 or James Bond Agent Under Fire where dumb modifiers were all the rage.

THERMITE CROSSBOW is the best troll for April Fool’s game mode
by u/curtisjoesakic in CODWarzone

Giving the crossbow a boost is going down well with fellow COD players tuning in to check out the game mode, too. “The thermite crossbow is my favourite thing to use right now, just menacing other teams! love it,” says Redditor ‘VersatileMellenial‘. Others believe that developer Raven Software has managed to capture the glory of another beloved multiplayer title, as COD fan ‘TypeGold95′ adds: “Reminds me of Team Fortress 2. Ah, the good ol’ days.”

The Totally Normal Battle Royale mode is live now in Warzone 2 and is rumoured to conclude on April 4. Players will drop into Al Mazrah without a parachute, but don’t worry – there isn’t any fall damage. Perks like the Specialist perk return, which was previously seen in events like the Die Hard x Warzone collaboration from the glory days of Verdansk. There’s even a Panzerfaust rocket launcher to get your hands on.

If the thermite crossbow isn’t your type of weapon, then we recommend trying out some of the best Warzone 2 guns across your matches.