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Vanguard weapon codenames for patch notes and blueprints

Ever wondered what Light Machine Gun Charlie means in a set of Warzone patch notes? Here's all the codenames for Vanguard weapons

Vanguard weapon codenames: An operator wielding a Vanguard gun in Warzone crouches next to a palm tree with his weapon drawn

Despite having their own fictional or historically-accurate in-game names, weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone each come with their own codename too. Often, these Vanguard weapon codenames are used by Raven Software in patch notes for major updates, or when talking about individual weapon blueprints.

While some weapons will appear in patch notes or blog posts by their in-game name, others will appear as ‘Assault Rifle Able’, ‘Light Machine Gun Baker’, or ‘Shotgun Charlie’. But what does that actually mean and which Vanguard gun does it translate to?

We’re not sure of the exact reason as to why some guns are shown this way. One theory is that it helps differentiate between duplicate weapons – for example, there is both a Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War MP5 in Warzone. However, there has been some inconsistency with this, and other non-duplicate weapons are often referred to as their codenames too.

Adding to any confusion, Vanguard codenames do not follow the modern phonetic alphabet like Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons. Vanguard instead uses the version of the phonetic alphabet used during World War Two in order to preserve some level of historical accuracy. Instead of Alpha, you have Able; Instead of Bravo, you have Baker; and so on.

Because this can become quite confusing, we’ve compiled a list of Vanguard weapon codenames to help you decipher those patch notes and blueprints.

Weapon codenames Warzone: A female Warzone operator shoots down from a rooftop in the new Caldera map

Vanguard weapon codenames

Here’s a comprehensive list of each Vanguard weapon codename, split up into each weapon class.

The WW2-style name that comes first is its name in the Vanguard menus, while its modern Warzone name is in brackets. Also, note the codenames for Melee weapons are slightly muddled in each game.

Assault rifles

  • Able (Alpha): STG44
  • Baker (Bravo): ITRA Burst
  • Charlie (Charlie): BAR
  • Dog (Delta): NZ-41
  • Easy (Echo): Volkssturmgewehr (Volk)
  • Fox (Foxtrot): AS44
  • How (Hotel): Automaton
  • Item (India): Cooper Carbine
  • Jig (Juliet): KG M40

Submachine guns

  • Able (Alpha): M1928
  • Baker (Bravo): Sten
  • Charlie (Charlie): MP40
  • Dog (Delta): PPSh-41
  • Easy (Echo): Owen Gun
  • Fox (Foxtrot): Type 100
  • George (Golf): Welgun

Light machine guns

  • Able (Alpha): MG42
  • Baker (Bravo): DP27
  • Charlie (Charlie): Bren
  • Dog (Delta): Type 11
  • Easy (Echo): Whitely


  • Able (Alpha): Einhorn Revolving
  • Baker (Bravo): Gracey Auto
  • Charlie (Charlie): Combat Shotgun
  • Dog (Delta): Double Barrel

Marksman Rifles

  • Able (Alpha): M1 Garand
  • Baker (Bravo): SVT-40
  • Charlie (Charlie): G-43


  • Able (Alpha): 3-Line Rifle
  • Baker (Bravo): Kar98k
  • Charlie (Charlie): Type 99
  • Dog (Delta): Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle


  • Able (Alpha): Machine Pistol
  • Baker (Bravo): Ratt
  • Charlie (Charlie): 1911
  • Dog (Delta): Top Break
  • Easy (Echo): Klauser


  • Able (Alpha): M1 Bazooka
  • Baker (Bravo): Panzerschreck
  • Charlie (Charlie): Panzerfaust
  • Dog (Delta): MK11 Launcher

Primary Melee

  • Able (Alpha): Combat Shield

Secondary Melee

  • Able (Bravo): FS Fighting Knife
  • Baker (Delta): Sawtooth
  • Charlie (Charlie): Katana

So there you have it – every codename for Vanguard’s arsenal of weapons. Hopefully, this will come in handy next time you’re perplexed by ‘Submachine Gun Delta’ in the next batch of Warzone patch notes.