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You can drop guns in Call of Duty: Warzone now

The update also adds a new contract and armour satchels

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest patch dropped earlier today and with it comes a whole host of changes to the game’s multiplayer and Warzone modes. While the patch notes detail new additions like the new Most Wanted contract or the game’s new LMG, there are a few gameplay tweaks that have apparently been missed off the list.

As one Reddit user has recently discovered, you can drop guns in Warzone now in the same way that you can drop ammo and cash for teammates. This is particularly useful for fallen teammates returning to the action in the later stages of the game, when most of the buildings have been looted.

It also turns out that the Most Wanted contract, which allows you to bring back fallen teammates for free if you survive putting a price on your own head, replaces the bounty contract in its entirety. This means only Recons, Supply, and Most Wanted contracts will be available in Warzone.

A new armour satchel, which will allow you to carry eight plates at one time has also been added to the game. These will be dropped on death and can be looted by players. The satchel will also not contain any armour when it’s first picked up.

You can drop your guns now in warzone from r/CODWarzone

While the above are only small additions, they should have quite the impact on the way the game is played. Being able to drop guns, especially when you buy a friend in during the later stages of the game could dictate whether you make it to the chopper or not.