Modern Warfare 2’s ultimate threat is actually laser beam cats

Just when we thought The Boys MW2 crossover was the deadliest threat yet, COD players are giving Season 4 Reloaded a furious feline edge to gunfights.

MW2 whiskey tango bundle

There are so many dangers to keep track of in Modern Warfare 2. Sweaty Shipment grinders, speedy sliders, and good old quickscopers punish your K/D ratio, but a new foe is quickly emerging within MW2 Season 4 Reloaded. You’ll need to equip the best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts going forward because Call of Duty now has cats firing laser beams out of their heads.

With the arrival of The Boys x Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone crossover, the Homelander operator bundle is now being combined with the Whiskey Tango bundle too. That means Homelander’s laser vision finishing move is giving way to a deadly duo of sorts, as Redditor ‘exileonwoodct’ depicts below. Our dreams will be haunted by this image for quite some time.

However, despite how fun this combination is, players in the COD community are pointing out the steep price tag to accomplish this feat. You’ll need to purchase both of the aforementioned bundles from the COD store, which cost 2,400 COD points each. Though the Whiskey Tango bundle arguably provides more value for money, with two different skins to choose from alongside weapon and vehicle cosmetics, the total cost clocks in at around $40.

“Being excited about this is wild man. This is not what we should be doing if we are truly fans of COD. The franchise is lost,” says Redditor ‘Big23rdKill‘. Fellow MW2 player ‘Due-Passage2202’ adds “in what world is a skin worth 40 dollars?”

Laser cats!!
by u/exileonwoodct in ModernWarfareII

I’ve never ever bought a bundle in CoD, and I didn’t want to… but come on…
by u/MrMicrowave7 in ModernWarfareII

Some players are unable to resist the charm of Sgt. PSPSPS, though. While realism and boots-on-the-ground gameplay is the bread and butter of COD games, Redditor ‘40ozFreed‘ comments “I’d honestly prefer 100% military-sim content but at the same time I just can’t pass this shit up. I’m sorry.”

In a franchise where we’ve seen horror icon Michael Myers drop in, Avenged Sevenfold provide tunes to kill zombies too, and Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell fight in Exo Zombies, laser beam shooting cats isn’t something you’ll forget anytime soon. If these feline enemies are impeding your COD experience, you can always resort to using the best Modern Warfare 2 guns to ensure that you’ll emerge victorious.

We’re looking ahead to the future now, as we anticipate the Modern Warfare 3 reveal to usher in the next era for the franchise.