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Modern Warfare 2 VR support hinted at by PS5 safety notice

We don’t see VR support in Call of Duty games often, but a hidden PS5 safety notice could suggest that Modern Warfare 2 is getting a VR mode on the console

Modern Warfare 2 VR support safety notice: An image of Vargas from promotional MW2 artwork

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is, like every other Call of Duty title before it, going to push the boundaries of what players expect from games in the FPS franchise. With new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode details just dropping, it’s clear that Infinity Ward are trying things a little differently this time around – however, eagle-eyed fans have spotted something that would suggest something even more different is on the way. Modern Warfare 2 might have VR support – at least on PS5.

Spotted originally by ‘Sullivan’ on ResetEra, there are sections in the Health and Legal Information page for the PS5 version of Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation Store pertaining to VR technology – something that appears to be missing from existing PS5 games without VR support.

Specifically, there are sections labelled “VR Headset Safety Notice” and “PlayStation Move Safety Notice” that would suggest that Modern Warfare 2 is getting VR support – with Sony’s PSVR2 headset reportedly available at the end of 2022, this would line up nicely with the recently announced Modern Warfare 2 release date.

Of course, as trustworthy as we’re sure Sullivan is, we haven’t taken them on their word when it comes to this. Looking at the PlayStation Store ourselves, it does look like a lot of games have this legal safety notice in the Health and Legal Information page for their PlayStation Store listings – but not all of them.

Upcoming releases with confirmed VR support, namely F1 22, don’t have this safety notice listed at the time of writing. However, games like Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers, and Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League do. This would suggest that the two VR-related safety notices are purely there for any games that are likely to release within a reasonable time period to the PSVR2 – and after the PSVR2 is made available.

However, to complicate matters, God of War Ragnarok – a game notably without a release date, despite rumours that it’s coming this year – doesn’t have this VR safety information in the Health and Legal Information page for the game. So, right now, we just don’t know for sure whether Modern Warfare 2 is getting VR support or any VR features in the future.

We are erring on the side of things that don’t think Modern Warfare 2 will get VR support, but you never know with Call of Duty games.

An argument against this would be the fact that this wouldn’t be the first time the Call of Duty franchise has dabbled with VR features – players with a PSVR headset can still check out the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR Experience on the PlayStation Store. However, this Call of Duty VR experience is shipped as a separate entity, despite being tenuously linked to Infinite Warfare. With these safety notices being listed under the full Modern Warfare 2 title, we can only speculate on what level of VR support this game will have when it launches or whether it’s there as standard for all PS5 titles going forward.

We expect we’ll find out more ahead of time at any rate, but could we see Modern Warfare 2 getting full VR support? Probably not – but, we could certainly see a few optional VR experiences integrated with the game’s campaign mode if we’re lucky. Although, you need a PS5 console to use the PSVR2 headset and they’re still quite hard to come by.