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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode details, gameplay, and more

Fans of FPS shooters are eager to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2, it looks like the new DMZ mode is going to be the most exciting part of this new game

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode: The players can be seen on the back of a chopper

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and fans of 2019’s Modern Warfare are eager to jump back into this narrative and uncover where Captain Price’s adventures are taking him next. However, it’s not all about Captain Price and Task Force 141 – there’s a new game mode that has everyone talking too. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, DMZ is a new game mode that’s going to change the way people play CoD multiplayer modes. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, we have you covered.

The mode will launch after Modern Warfare 2 releases and Warzone 2 releases and is an extraction-based mode that is high intensity. The mode will also be free to play.

So for a full overview of what we know, check out everything you need to know about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode details

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode is actually a part of Warzone 2, as a new mode for the experience. The DMZ mode will share a map with Warzone 2 – in a similar fashion to how Modern Warfare 2019’s Special Ops and Survival Mode shared a map with Warzone – originally, anyway. But it is all housed within Warzone 2, so the mode will be free to play.

There are conflicting reports surrounding this information, though – with rumours of several bespoke DMZ maps also in development, so take this with a grain of salt until we know more.

Progression and items will also be seemingly shared with Warzone 2’s progression, as it is a mode for the game. You are able to earn skins, blueprints and more from DMZ that are usable across multiplayer and eventually Warzone 2 as the whole system is shared.

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