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Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout best attachments and class setup

Our best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout, attachments, and class setup makes the reliable sniper into a far more powerful one

Best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout: Victus XMR sniper in Modern Warfare 2 armoury

Snipers have been a go-to for many players in any Call of Duty game, especially those who like pulling off tricky shots, and the best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout is worth equipping for those who like powerful sniper rifles. Despite being a later addition to the game, you shouldn’t miss out on this gun.

We’d even argue that the Victus XMR is one of the best Modern Warfare 2 snipers right now, but we’ll have to wait and see to see if it can make its way onto the best Modern Warfare 2 guns list. Using the Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith system, which allows for some advanced customisation, can turn this reliable sniper into a weapon worth taking in your next match.

Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout

Using the best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout will help refine your trickshots as well as being a devastating gun for the enemy team. Here are the attachments to complete this loadout:

  • Optic: Corio Enforcer Optic
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Barrel: Mack 8 21.5 Short
  • Stock: XRK Rise 50
  • Rear Grip: Bruen Q900 Grip

This loadout will negate some of the damage range that the Victus XMR has, but that’s fine, because it already has a great range at its base level. The main focus of these attachments is to increase the handling and mobility of the sniper.

Starting off with the Corio Enforcer Optic as our choice of, well, optic, since it offers quicker ADS speed than the standard optic, as well as better aim walking movement speed. Next, we have the VLK LZR 7MW, which further increases the ADS speed. For the barrel, we’re going with the Mack 8 21.5 Short, which helps with hip recoil control and ADS speed.

For our final two attachments, we’re using the XRK Rise 50 and the Bruen Q900 as our stock and rear grip respectively. The XRK Rise 50 helps with crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and ADS speed, whereas the Bruen Q900 further improves the ADS speed as well as increasing the sprint to fire speed.

This loadout is thanks to ‘Hero’ on YouTube, who showcases the best Victus XMR loadout in his video below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR class setup

For your secondary weapon, we recommend using the X13 Auto. This is because the X13 Auto offers a high fire rate, which is where the Victus XMR is lacking. However, if you don’t mind using Overkill, you could always take the best Modern Warfare 2 Lachmann Sub or the best Modern Warfare 2 BAS-P loadout into your matches.

If you decide against Overkill, we suggest using Scavenger and Battle Hardened. Scavenger will help keep your ammunition topped up after dealing with enemies, while Battle Hardened can deal with those pesky tacticals like Flashbangs, which can throw you off. For the bonus perk, we would use Spotter as you can find enemy equipment when moving from area to area, as well as hack them too.

Finally, for your ultimate perk, you can’t go wrong with Ghost. If you’re hoping to get a tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2, you’ll want to stay off the minimap when enemies use UAVs or Portable Radars, so Ghost is the play here.

Last but not least is your equipment. The Semtex will stick to any enemies or areas where there’s lots of foot traffic, and throwing a Stun Grenade will make getting those kills even easier, or help you get out of a tight situation when someone gets a bit too close. As for the field upgrade, you should choose the Trophy System as it will destroy any enemy equipment if they decide to push you.

That finishes up our best Modern Warfare 2 Victus XMR loadout. Keep an eye out on the Modern Warfare 2 patch notes for any of the latest updates to the game, including balance changes, or find out how to level up guns fast in Modern Warfare 2 if you’re missing some of the attachments above.