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Modern Warfare 2 how to unlock Realism difficulty

Do you want to know how to unlock Realism difficulty in Modern Warfare 2? Here is what you need to do to get the ultra hard setting

Modern Warfare 2 Unlock Realism Difficulty: Multiple people can be seen in a boat

If you are jumping into the Modern Warfare 2 campaign you are likely curious about what the top difficulty is. Maybe you want a huge challenge to test your skills. Or maybe you just want to suffer? Whatever works for you. But, if you are keen to play on the highest difficulty in the campaign, check out our guide on how to unlock Realism difficulty in Modern Warfare 2.

Below you can take a look and also prepare yourself for when you jump into the campaign. Once unlocking Realism and finishing off the campaign you can then move on to multiplayer and use the best Modern Warfare 2 guns there.

How to unlock Realism difficulty in Modern Warfare 2?

To unlock the Realism difficulty mode and setting in Modern Warfare 2 you need to complete the campaign on any difficulty. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you finish the game on, but you just have to make it through the full Modern Warfare 2 missions list.

So, this is pretty easy overall to actually get and doesn’t require you to complete any specific kind of challenge or task. You don’t even have to beat the game on Veteran. So, you can go from Recruit to Realism if you want.

But, once you have unlocked the Realism difficulty in Modern Warfare 2, you can then work on getting all the trophies or achievements. Or, if you are hopping into Spec Ops, check out all the Spec Ops missions.