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How to unlock the 9mm Daemon in MW2

Find out how to unlock the 9mm Daemon in MW2 and add it to your arsenal and loadouts to use in multiplayer matches on PS5, PS4, Xbox, or PC.

MW2 Unlock 9mm Daemon: The 9mm Daemon can be seen

Pistols are always handy in Modern Warfare 2. And, if you are looking for a new one it’s no surprise you’ll want to know how to unlock the 9mm Daemon in MW2 as a part of Season 5. This weapon is the latest handgun to be added to the game, which is now a pretty extensive category.

As one of the Season 5 guns making its way into the game with the latest season, the 9mm Daemon will likely make a great pairing with one of the best guns in MW2. Only time can tell, but you should still make an attempt to unlock it while it is easy to do so.

MW2 how to unlock the 9mm Daemon

To unlock the 9mm Daemon in MW2, you’ll need to get 15 headshot kills with pistols in multiplayer matches. Overall, this is a pretty easy challenge, especially compared to some others we have seen before.

This is one of three new weapons in Season 5 Reloaded and it is undoubtedly going to be one to watch out for in matches, especially when it comes to going up against those with a fast trigger finger.

MW2 Unlock 9mm Daemon: The pistol can be seen

Should you unlock the 9mm Daemon?

As we said, the weapon definitely has the potential to be really strong as a backup and the fact it is so easy to unlock means it is worth grabbing and putting a bit of time into unlocking it.

That’s how to unlock the 9mm Daemon in MW2, but if you want to be the MVP in any of your matches, use our best loadouts in MW2 until you can get your hands on this pistol. It could definitely help out and boost one of these loadouts.