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MW2 Season 3 Reloaded is the time to release this forgotten COD skin

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward was set to release the Hear No Evil COD bundle last year, and now fans hope it could appear in MW2 Season 3 Reloaded.

Modern Warfare 2 Hear No Evil COD store bundle

Though Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t quite made it to the Fortnite echelon of zany skins, there are still some pretty wild COD store bundles appearing in the latest offering from developer Infinity Ward. One of which is the elusive Hear No Evil bundle, which was touted for release in the COD store last year, but has since evaded purchase from legions of Cal of Duty players. Now, with MW2 Season 3 Reloaded on the horizon, members of the COD community are ready for it to see the light of day.

Avid Modern Warfare 2 Redditor ‘Nova_Major’ bands together on the game’s subreddit, calling upon Call of Duty franchise publisher Activision to drop the long-awaited bundle. “Activision. It’s time,” the Redditor jokingly pleads. The Hear No Evil bundle features tracer ammunition for your SO-14 and MX9 loadouts, but most notably includes the ‘Jungle Fog’ operator skin for Aksel. The skin in question sees Aksel don a Gorilla mask, while clad in green tactical gear to aid their infiltration into shrubbery-laden battlefields.

The skin has taken on a life of its own with Call of Duty fans, as they both admire and lovingly mock the skin’s inclusion in realistic environments. “I’m so sorry guys, but I would gladly f**k people up in this skin. So worth it,” says Redditor ‘Tylerb0713’. Some COD fans like ‘Suets‘ claim that they have “been waiting for it to drop since it was leaked.”

While the Hear No Evil bundle is definitely one of the aesthetically different packs to drop in Modern Warfare 2, others feel it may be taking away from the atmosphere that Call of Duty games are typically known for.

Activision. It’s time. Release the Monke.
by u/Nova_Major in ModernWarfareII

“This is f***ing stupid. More cosmetics for your little digital self. More little hats, capes and boots for your itsy bitsy digital characters that mean nothing except milking your wallet,” one subreddit member frustratedly adds.

Though they aren’t taking issue with the Hear No Evil bundle, Redditor ‘Momentarmknm’ argues that skins like the Jigsaw bundle (from the Saw franchise) are a far more egregious inclusion: “The only COD skin that’s ever made me mad personally was Jigsaw […] that character just looks so damn stupid to me, and the COD skin was the dumbest looking version of it.”

With the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 release date looming, there is still hope for COD players as to whether Hear No Evil bundle will drop in the COD store. Make sure you equip the best Modern Warfare 2 guns when it does.