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Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege loadout best attachments and class setup

Find out what the best Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege loadout with the best attachments and class setup overall for the handgun in your arsenal

Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege Loadout: The FTAC Siege can be seen

Chances are you are already hunting down the new weapons that launched with Season 3 Reloaded and one of those is the powerful FTAC Siege. Thankfully, to help you out in a firefight we have a great best Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege loadout that can really help you come out on top of matches.

This full-auto pistol is an impressive damage-dealing gun that definitely will help you out and support you in the heat of the moment with one of the other best Modern Warfare 2 guns and weapons in the game. So, be sure to read below for an overview of what to run in Modern Warfare 2 with this weapon.

Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege loadout

The best Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege loadout is:

  • Receiver: FTAC Siege
  • Stock: FTAC Folder
  • Rear Grip: SUR-160
  • Barrel: CMRN-50
  • Laser: FJX Diod-70
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum

Kicking things off, for any pistol-focused loadout, you will want to run a 50-round drum. This will allow you to have a lot of bullets to play with in multiplayer matches, compared to the few that you usually are able to use with the regular magazine.

The FTAC Folder stock will also help you boost and tune your ads time and walking speed, allowing you to stay on the move and agile, which is what you want for a pistol build of this kind. Similarly, the FJX Diod-70 will boost your sprint to fire, helping out in the same regard.

When it comes to your barrel, we are suggesting the CMRN-50. This barrel will increase your damage range, super handy with a pistol and especially an automatic one like the FTAC Siege. Finally, the SUR-160 rear grip gets our final attachment slot.

Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege class

The class setup you will want to run alongside this pistol is one that supports your run and gun play style. You will want to use an assault rifle or an SMG. We suggest running with our best Modern Warfare 2 TAQ-56 loadout or our best Modern Warfare 2 Vaznev-9k loadout.

To support yourself equip Battle Rage in your Field Upgrade slot as well as lethals and tacticals like the Drill Charge and flash grenade or stun grenade to really surprise enemies in close-quarters fights. Perks should include Double Time for the better sprint and Scavenger to keep your ammo stocked up. Similarly, Fast Hands is great considering we have a much larger magazine.

Finally, run with Ghost to keep you off the minimap and out of sight as you are darting around the map.

That covers our best Modern Warfare 2 FTAC Siege loadout. As you can see as one of the new handguns the class is a little unconventional, but if you do want to make it your focus then this build should more than help you out. It might even combine well with another of our best Modern Warfare 2 loadouts for one of your teammates.