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NFL players can’t stop leaking Modern Warfare 2 stuff

We’re starting to see some solid Modern Warfare 2 leaks appear online and several NFL players have confirmed that DMZ mode will be a part of the new COD via IG

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode nfl leak: an image of Ghost close up

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 release date is fast-approaching and we still don’t know much about this upcoming FPS game. However, it looks like – at long last – we’re starting to see a handful of solid leaks make their way online with people starting to get access to early builds of the game. This time around, interestingly, NFL players have seemingly confirmed that the highly-anticipated DMZ mode is going to be an integral part of the new Call of Duty game – not a standalone release like Warzone.

On August 3, it seems that Activision let the NFL franchise the Los Angeles Rams check out an early build of Modern Warfare 2 ahead of any closed alpha or open beta access. How do we know this? Well, a handful of blurred images of Modern Warfare 2 menu screens and a brief look at some Modern Warfare 2 gameplay has appeared on the Instagram story feed of several LA Rams players.

For example, as reported by CharlieIntel, a multiplayer lobby screen from Modern Warfare 2 could be seen for a short time on the Instagram story feed of LA Rams kicker Cameron Dicker. In addition to this, CharlieIntel also shared an image of a menu screen that confirms DMZ is an integral part of this upcoming shooter.

Why is this important? Well, it’s the first real confirmation that the supposed Tarkov-like DMZ mode is actually going to be an alternative to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer and not a complete standalone experience like Call of Duty Warzone is at the moment. It’s also something of a confirmation that DMZ mode is indeed called DMZ mode – while we thought this one was true, we still didn’t have anything solid to confirm it before now.

There are a lot of Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode leaks that highlight Escape From Tarkov similarities, but we don’t know just how similar this will be to the popular extraction shooter until we see something more official from Activision. Thankfully, that might not be too far away now as the Call of Duty League has revealed that more information on the game is coming during CDL Champs’ Championship Sunday on August 7.

If you’re looking forward to the next instalment in this iconic franchise, you can find out more about how to get Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 early access right here. Be warned though, leaks claim that Modern Warfare 2 isn’t getting the Dead Silence perk and it might not be the nostalgia-filled trip back to Modern Warfare 2019 or beyond you were hoping for. That doesn’t mean it isn’t going to be one of the best competitive FPS games out there, we just all need to make sure we’re keeping our expectations in check.