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Here’s why your Modern Warfare 2 custom loadout is locked

Finding that your Modern Warfare 2 custom loadout is locked? You're not alone. Here's how to fix the issue and get back into the MW2 Gunsmith

Modern Warfare 2 custom loadout locked: An operator with a rucksack of cash aims his weapon with his squad mates around him

Wondering why your Modern Warfare 2 custom loadout is locked? You’re not alone. While the ability to create custom classes should become available for everyone after reaching level 4, Modern Warfare 2 is a little buggy right now and is sometimes locking people out of the Gunsmith.

So, what can you do to fix it so that you can access the best MW2 guns and customise them in the Gunsmith to suit your playstyle? Read on to find out what’s causing the issue and how to get around it.

Why is your Modern Warfare 2 custom loadout locked?

If your Modern Warfare 2 custom loadout is locked when it shouldn’t be, it’s likely due to a recent game crash. The most reliable fix for this appears to be turning your console completely off after a crash, restarting it, booting up Modern Warfare 2, and then play a match or two to progress to the next level, which should then unlock your custom loadouts again.

From what players are reporting on Reddit and other social media platforms, you’ll find the gunsmith and possibly your scorestreaks locked when you boot up MW2 again after a crash.

A minority of players are claiming this does not work, and that they’re still stuck without their custom loadouts, but it seems to work for the majority.

This is quite clearly a bug, and Infinity Ward will likely be working on a fix for this that will hopefully roll out very soon.

If this trick works and you get your loadouts back, then you should consult our best assault rifles, best SMGs, and best snipers lists to see which gun you should be levelling up next. Then you can look at getting them put into the best loadouts in Modern Warfare 2.