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Modern Warfare 2’s Gold Camo is hidden in FPS game’s campaign

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2's ultimate reward, Gold Camo, has been leaked ahead of the FPS game's full release date and it looks like an instant classic

Modern Warfare 2 campaign Gold Camo: an image showing Price and Gaz fist bumping

We know the full Modern Warfare 2 release date hasn’t quite arrived yet, but the Modern Warfare 2 early access period has begun and players around the world are jumping into the game’s story mode to start working through the globe-trotting Modern Warfare 2 campaign mission list. Of course, there’s a lot to talk about there – and we could go on for hours about it. But, there’s also something a little interesting we need to talk about first. Players are starting to find weapons with Modern Warfare 2’s Gold Camo equipped – and it looks very, very good.

Shared by CharlieIntel, but screenshotted better by content creator ‘StepBlitzen‘, it looks like players are able to find a fully-kitted out AK-47 and a Desert Eagle-type sidearm featuring the infamous Gold Camo in the campaign mission Recon By Fire.

This mission occurs around the halfway point of the story – and the weapons themselves shouldn’t be too hard to find. You know, on account of them being covered in gold.

As you’ll be able to see for yourself in the screenshot below, this iteration of the series’ Gold Camo features a healthy balance of gold and silver plating with black accents. In addition to this, perhaps best shown by the AK-47 itself, it looks as though this camoflage isn’t going to impact any wooden elements of a weapon.

While we can’t speak for every Call of Duty fan out there, but it certainly looks like this could be one of the best Gold Camos we’ve seen in some time. Here, check it out:

Modern Warfare 2 campaign gold camo: an image of a tweet showing said camoflage

In addition to this, Call of Duty leaker ‘Metaphor‘ has confirmed that Gold is just the first of this game’s Mastery Camos. Players can expect to get their hands on Platinum, Polyatomic (also referred to as Element), and Orion – if they can complete a series of in-game challenges, like ususal.

Fans of Call of Duty’s esports scene will be pleased to know that it looks like CDL skins are making a comeback – at some point. Journalist Jacob Hale has highlighted that a number have already been found in the game’s files. Why waste any time, right?

If you’re jumping into the story for yourself, you can find everything about all the Modern Warfare 2 campaign rewards here. Or, if you’re preparing for multiplayer, you can find out more about the best Modern Warfare 2 guns right here.