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Modern Warfare 2 lets you do an ammo check like Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov is full of realistic animations that let you take stock mid-fight and it looks like Infinity Ward has been inspired

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Escape From Tarkov ammo check: A soldier wearing a helmet points a silenced vector

Gone are the days where you reload your gun after every single kill in Call of Duty. Now, with fast-paced action up, close, and personal, every bullet counts in Modern Warfare 2 – so much so that the inspect animation will actually tell you how many rounds you’ve got locked and loaded.

As spotted by content creator ‘JackFrags’, the new Modern Warfare 2 game features several Escape From Tarkov-like features in the weapons department, including new animations for inspecting your weapon.

As part of that inspection animation, players can check exactly how many rounds they’ve got left to fire in the heat of battle. For shotguns, the player will eject a shell in the animation, giving you a good view as to how many slugs are left to fire. If six out of the seven for the Expedite 12 shotgun are fired, the inspect animation will show the chamber as clear.

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For other guns, the inspect animation allows you to see how many bullets are left in your mag and whether there’s one still in the chamber. It’s not as effective as the animation in, say Tarkov, but it’s helpful all the same.

This is a small feature – that, for the most part, Call of Duty players might just gloss over – but it’s great for those who love to see realism in games, especially since the developers spent some time watching airsoft players in action. Certain guns like the AS VAL and the SPR in the last version of Modern Warfare had similar animation, but with these rolled out to every weapon in Modern Warfare 2, it makes fight or flight decisions in hardcore modes ten times easier.

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