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Battlefield 2042’s scoreboard update has been delayed

Battlefield 2042 might be missing a proper scoreboard, but the proposed update to fix it has been delayed to allow the team more time to work on it

Battlefield 2042 scoreboard: A soldier looks to the left in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is meant to give players the chance to feel the tides of war, but at the moment, all players are enduring are the tides of delays. Just 24 hours after Electronic Arts’ CEO Andrew Wilson admitted that some of the design choices did not “resonate with everyone”, Battlefield 2042’s long-awaited scoreboard update has been delayed.

Update 3.3, which was due to arrive in mid to late February, was due to feature a new and improved scoreboard and a whole host of changes that DICE has been working on ever since the team came back from the holidays. However, in a new statement from the Battlefield Direct Communications team, players are going to have to wait a few weeks more to see this update.

According to the team, the update will roll out in “early March” instead so that the team has extra time to “improve the quality” of the patch and include more fixes.

The announcement hasn’t gone down well, either. Given the last patch introduced a handful of small hotfixes, and today’s one brought back Renewal for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there’s a lot to be addressed by the development team.

This delay also follows the news that Battlefield 2042’s Season One has been pushed back to early summer to take player feedback into account and address some of the game’s biggest problems.

Whether that’ll include the addition of promised legacy features, like in-game voice chat, is yet to be seen.