Battlefield 2042 cross-play: can you play with friends on different platforms?

Will Battlefield 2042 have cross-play? Here's what we know

The reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042 was the ultimate love letter to fans. With iconic Battlefield moments of yesteryear recreated to tap into the nostalgia of long-time fans of the series, excitement levels are through the roof for 2042. But it’s also reminded players that Battlefield is nothing without friends.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to multiple platforms later this year, but we don’t yet know if we’ll be able to play with friends on different platforms. There have been rumours of Battlefield 2042 cross-play for a while now – let’s be honest, cross-play tends to be a requisite for new games these days – but we’re still yet to have any confirmation of such a feature from EA.

So what are the whisper networks saying? Well, read on for everything we know so far about Battlefield 2042 cross-play, including whether it’s going to be added, what platforms it’ll involve, and more.

Will there be Battlefield 2042 cross-play?

EA hasn’t confirmed whether Battlefield 2042 will have cross-play, but it’s rumoured. Big live service games ship with cross-play as default these days, and given how much stock the developer has put in the game’s large scale battles and its next-gen capability, it would be a surprise if EA ignored that feature altogether.

However, Battlefield 2042 would be the first Battlefield game in the entire franchise to have cross-play – so it’s a pretty big step for the team if it does have it.

But it is looking likely. With 128-player games and a big reveal scheduled in for the Microsoft E3 conference on June 13, there’s a good chance we’ll see EA confirm the existence of Battlefield 2042 cross-play soon.

Will there be battlefield 2042 cross-progression?

Since Battlefield 2042 is a solely online experience, there might well be cross-progression, but if there is, we’ve heard nothing about it.

Like cross-play, there have been rumours of EA allowing players to carry their progress over to another platform and back again, but nothing’s been confirmed just yet.

While you wait for EA to lift the lid on both cross-play and cross-progression, make sure to check out the Battlefield 2042 release date, the Battlefield 2042 maps, and the Battlefield 2042 specialists. Trust us, they look incredible.

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