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Battlefield 2042 is bringing back classes, but not in Season 2

Battlefield 2042 is bringing back its tried and tested class system, but it won't be completely replacing the Specialists system it introduced at launch

Battlefield 2042 classes returning: A soldier stands with a raised gun in one hand

Battlefield 2042 Season 2 is fast approaching, and as the large-scale FPS continues to build back trust and recover after its disastrous launch nine months ago, a load more improvements are on the horizon alongside new content. During DICE’s update post for Season 2, it also reveals a big (and inevitable) change that’s coming in Season 3 later this year: the return of a class system.

Very early into Battlefield 2042, players fed back to DICE that the Specialist system was simply ‘not it’. Battlefield’s familiar class system (which lets players play as either Assault, Engineer, Support, or Recon) was thrown out in favour of individual Specialists, which all had unique kits.

Now, that is being walked back, to a degree. In Season 3, the class system will return, but rather than replace Specialists – which DICE acknowledges have been “polarising” for long-time players – the existing characters will just be categorised into one of the four classes. Specialists will still have their own perks and traits, as before, but there will be restrictions on which gadgets and equipment you can bring into battle, depending on your role.

The loadout system will also remain, so you’re still free to use whichever guns you want regardless of your role. This should find a middle ground between giving players some freedom and having more defined and varied roles in combat. Full details of everything that’s changing and staying can be found here.

While this is subject to change, this is how DICE plans to split up the roster of Specialists when the class system arrives:

  • Assault – Mackay, Sundance, Dozer
  • Support – Angel, Falck, Season 2’s unannounced Specialist
  • Engineer – Lis, Boris, Irish
  • Recon – Casper, Paik, Rao

As mentioned, these changes won’t be coming next season and will instead launch with Season 3, which should kick off around 2042’s first birthday in mid-to-late November.

For what is actually coming in Season 2, there will be three brand new weapons, as well as a few more “Vault Weapons” being pulled over from Battlefield Portal into 2042.

There will also be one brand new map and reworks for Orbital and Renewal will also be dropping.