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Back 4 Blood update gives tool kits a game-changing new function

Do you need a heal? Everyone needs a heal. Now you can nab free heals for your team using tool kits - an accessory that was previously pretty limited

Back 4 Blood patch June 2022: A character stands in an apron that says stone cold griller

Veteran Back 4 Blood players have long complained about the use of tool kits. While these accessories let you enjoy the high-tier loot in locked safe rooms, unlock alarmed doors, and rescue a Cleaner from a rescue pod, they’re just not as worthwhile carrying as some of the other accessories in-game. However, all that has changed in the latest Back 4 Blood patch notes, which note that for the June 7 update, tool kits are finally getting some love.

In the new Back 4 Blood update, tool kits will now allow you to unlock one free heal from first-aid cabinets. The tool kit essentially unlocks the cabinet, allowing anyone to pick up the free heal.

This is a gamechanger for anyone playing Back 4 Blood on the harder difficulty sessions, especially when someone is running a card like Utility Scavenger that helps you identify the location of quick accessories. Plus, with upgraded toolkits give you the possibility of multiple uses, so it really will come in handy.

That’s not the only major change to come in the June 7 Back 4 Blood update though. A Full Deck Draw, which allows you to play all 15 cards from your deck at the start of a campaign for all difficulties, has been introduced, as well as a new player kicking system that’ll automatically kick players who’ve been idle for too long or who team kill too often.

Heng has also been buffed with this update, 12 new Burn Cards have been added, as have Warped Chest Corruption cards. There are also several changes to Back 4 Blood cards that might affect which deck you play next time you head into Fort Hope.

This is a significant Back 4 Blood patch that has so far been received well online. With proper quality of life updates, like adding new uses to tool kits, and encouraging players to rethink their builds, Back 4 Blood is adding yet more variety to its gameplay.