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As Dusk Falls safe code - what’s the combination?

To steal Dante's money you'll need the As Dusk Falls safe code and if you've forgotten what it is, we've got you covered right here

As Dusk Falls Safe Code: Dale and Jay can be seen in the back of a truck.

What is the As Dusk Falls safe code? When you’re tasked with robbing someone’s house in As Dusk Falls, you’re given a piece of paper with four numbers scrawled on it. It might not seem like much in the moment, but if you’re intent on opening the safe, you’re going to need that combination.

Fortunately for those of you with a memory like a sieve, we’ve got you covered. Jay might have lost that little bit of paper, but because we’re resourceful we wrote that pesky little number down. As Dusk Falls is all about your observational skills and to stay on top, you’re going to need to need to remember the little details.

But if you’ve got off on the wrong foot, don’t worry – we’ve got the As Dusk Falls safe code right here for you. With this combination, you’ll be able to swing the door of Dante’s safe wide open and steal his cash.

What is the As Dusk Falls safe combination?

The code for the safe in As Dusk falls is 5926.

This number is always the code – so if you go back and replay the game at any point this is the number you will need.

If you don’t enter the code correctly the first time, you’ll have another two attempts before Dale grabs a crowbar and smacks it open, so you won’t lose out even if you somehow fumble the combination.

That’s everything you need to know about the As Dusk Falls safe code. Make sure to check out our As Dusk Falls review for our thoughts on the game and our As Dusk Falls walkthrough for more guides!

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