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Arma Reforger crossplay - cross-platform fighting is coming

Are you a PC or console player with friends on another platform? Our Arma Reforger crossplay guide will tell you whether you can wage war across platforms

arma reforger crossplay humvees roaring across the grass

Don your camouflage, crawl into some bushes, and wait for some poor sucker to come down the road because we’re here to talk Arma Reforger crossplay. That sucker coming down the road? That’s a console player. You know, the kind that presses buttons and pulls triggers instead of clicking keys like any self-respecting Arma player does.

Times have changed since Operation Flashpoint first threw us into Cold War-era warfare. Not only have the weapons and vehicles in the Arma series become more advanced, but the technology we actually play the games with has too. The latest outing – Arma Reforger – comes at a time when cross-platform play is expected in new games.

That’s why we’ve put together this Arma Reforger crossplay guide to explain whether you can squad up with your friends on other platforms, or whether you’re going to be going it alone like some kind of Arma Rambo figure of legend (think Rambo 3 where he shoots down the Soviet chopper with a bow and arrow grenade).

Arma Reforger crossplay

Arma Reforger will have crossplay between PC and Xbox Series X|S platforms. The cross-platform features have been confirmed by the games developer, Bohemia Interactive, but they are still being worked on and will be available soon.

So, while you can’t currently simulate real war with those playing on another platform, it won’t be long before keyboard warriors and controller users are arguing over what input method is better for controlling the Apache helicopter.

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